Schedule of Presentations - Spring, 2000

Schedule of Presentations

DateTimePresenter / Topic
Tuesday April 11 1:40 Linda Najjar 
Gender Bias and Age Bias in Psychiatric Diagnosis
Tuesday April 11 2:15 Alicia Coughlin 
Munchausen Syndrome and  Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy  and the Role of Personality  Disorders 
Thursday April 13 1:40 Deb Mason
Colorado State Employee Assistance Program: 
 Process Evaluation.
Thursday April 13 2:15 Kelley Geddes 
A Theory of Optimal Inclusiveness: Mortality Salience Effects on Individuation and Inclusion
Tuesday April 18 1:40 Brian Bianco
The Effect of Jury Instructions and Plaintiff Wealth on Damage Awards
Tuesday April 18 2:15 Rachel Gilbert 
Lateralized Brain Aging and Attention:  Are Older Adults in Their Right Minds?
Thursday April 20 1:40 Daniel Obarski
She's Masculine, But is She Presidential?: An Examination of  Masculine and Feminine Presidential Characteristics
Thursday April 20 2:15 Amy Hanisch 
Self-Representations and Attachment Styles In Couples
Tuesday April 25 1:40 Jessica Corcoran
Personality Influences on Axis I Syndromes: Obsessive-compulsive Disorder, Psychosis, and Hostility
Tuesday April 25 2:15 Gwendolyn Warnica 
The Effects of Mortality Salience and Self-Awareness on the Appeal of Aversive Physical Sensation
Thursday April 27 1:40 Ivan Molton
Safety-Goal Attainment and Coping Self-Efficacy Following the
Oklahoma City Bombing: An investigation of Social Cognitive
Theory and the Experience of Trauma
Thursday April 27 2:15 Mark Landau
I to I:  The Confluence of Subjective Selves Interpersonal Closeness
Tuesday May 2  1:40 Lesley Johnson 
Coping Self-Efficacy and Domestic Violence: Cognitive Bias in 
Interpretation of Physiological States and in Trauma-Related
Tuesday May 2 2:15 Linda Thede 
Neurological Implications of Social Awkwardness: Executive Function Deficits in Asperger Disorder
Thursday May 4 1:40 Nicole Hetz
Adult attitudes towards child sexual abuse: Differential attitudes towards the early sexual experiences of adolescent boys and girls
Thursday May 4 2:15 Dina Dunn
Recovery by Choice Therapeutic Community for Women: Program Evaluation and Participant Profile
Tuesday May 9 2:50 Snow Day
Tuesday May 9 2:15 Snow Day

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