Exam Dates - Spring, 2000

Date APA & Content Exams Comments
Jan 18-20   APA exams will be held on Thursdays at the end of the regular class meeting time. If you have not met the 85% mastery criteria by March 2nd you will need to schedule additional exam(s) with Dr. Becker. They will be held outside of the normal class time.


Jan 25-27  
Feb 3 APA Exam
Feb 8-10  
Feb 17 APA Exam
Feb 29 Course Content, Part I
Mar 2 FrontPage Workshop
 COB 223
Mar 9 APA Exam
Mar 7-9  
Mar 14-16  
Mar 21-23  
Mar 27-Apr 2 Spring Break!!!  
Apr 6 Course Content, 
Part II
Apr 11-13    
Apr 18-20    
Apr 25-27    
May 2-4    
May 9-15 Finals Week  

-revised 02/17/00