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Literature Search Tools:

  • Gateways to online databases
  • Guide to Searching Ovid Databases

Proposal Tools:

  • Institutional Review Board (IRB) Links
  • Forms for Human Subject Research Approval
  • Critique Guidelines
  • APA Ethical Guidelines Online

APA Style Tools:

  • APA Style Workshop
  • APA Tip of the Day
  • APA Style Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • APA Guidelines for electronic media

Design Tools:

  • Randomizer

Analysis Tools:

  • Effect Size Calculator

Literature Search Tools

Kraemer Family Library Gateway to  Psychology Databases

These databases are available to students at Colorado University-Colorado Springs through the various computer labs on campus or via the internet if you use the CU-CS as your internet provider.  If you use another internet provider (ie AOL) then you can get a password to use these databases by bringing your student ID to the library circulation desk: 

  • PsycInfo (The Psychological Abstracts, produced by the American Psychological Association)

  • Academic Press Journals (Full text in PDF format to 174 journals in medicine, science, social sciences, business, engineering, mathematics, and computer science.)

The following CD-database is only available from the computer labs on campus:

  • HAPI (Health and Psychosocial Instruments.  An annotated reference for psychological and health related scales (i.e., questionnaires, interview schedules, checklists, index measures, coding schemes/ manuals, rating scales, projective techniques, vignettes/scenarios, tests).

Guide to Searching PsychInfo (and other Ovid databases)

Kraemer Family Library Gateway to Medicine & Health Databases

See the Gateway page for descriptions of these databases

  • AIDS/Cancer FirstSearch 


  • Health Reference Center-Academic

  • FactSearch


  • The Merck Index

  • The Merck Manual 

  • MDXHealth

Other Online Literature Sources

Annual Review of Psychology:   Abstracts.  You can pay to get full-text copies of articles.

ERIC/AE Test Locator:  An online resource that helps locate the source for many tests and research instruments. Provides some information about many of the tests in the database including the title, author, a brief abstract, the number of items in the test, age range, who to contact for information about the test, and the cost (if any).

The Pilots Database:  "An electronic index to the worldwide literature on PTSD and other mental-health sequelae of exposure to traumatic events. It is available to Internet users through the courtesy of Dartmouth College, whose computer facilities serve as host to the database. No account or password is required, and there is no charge for using the PILOTS database." 

Proposal Tools

 Institutional Review Board (IRB) Links

University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Office of Sponsored Programs: Policies and Procedures on Research Involving Human Subjects

Institutional Review Board (IRB) forms:

  • Request for IRB Review  (humanB.html)
  • Research Summary (summary.html)

Note: You can download/save these files and then edit them using a word processor that can read .html files (e.g., MS Word 95).  See the Appendices of the Policies and Procedures link for the following forms: Request for Renewal Form,  Report of Change Form, and Sample Consent Form. 

APA Ethical Guidelines Online

Critique Guidelines

APA Style Tools

  • APA Style Workshop (Your job is to edit a paper for APA style; introductory level)
  • APA Tip of the Day (Test your knowledge of APA style; advanced level) American Psychological Association. (1996).Pub manual FAQ: Frequently asked questions about the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association
    (4th ed.) [On-line].Available:
  • APA guidelines for citing electronic media, including web pages:

Design Tools:

  • Randomizer  Randomly assign participants to conditions (stratified random sampling);  Randomly sample from a  population, e.g., a normative database. -Sponsored by the Social Psychology Network.

Analysis Tools:

  • Effect Size Calculator  Compute Cohen's d and the effect-size correlation from means and standard deviations or from a t value and its df.

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