Schedule of Presentations - Spring, 1999

Date Time Presenter / Topic
Tuesday April 20 1:40 Mary Helen Snider
Sexual Abuse and Borderline Personality Disorder in Children
Tuesday April 20 2:15 Laurie Jacobs
Role Authenticity and the Self-Concept
Thursday April 22 1:40 Jennifer Jacobs
Program Analysis of an Inclusion Program
Thursday April 22 2:15 Julie Ellett
Neurological Dysfunction in Borderline Personality
Tuesday April 27 1:40 Sharon Stewart
Personality and Memory Change Correlates in Older Adults
Tuesday April 27 2:15 Victoria Lehman
Victims to Survivors: Coping Self-Efficacy as a Mediator of Treatment Outcomes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing for Domestic Violence Victims
Thursday April 29 1:40 Dominique Simons
The Impact of Polygraphy and Treatment on Admissions of Multiple Paraphilias in Adult Sexual Offenders
Thursday April 29 2:15 Nicole Nugent
The Efficacy of EMDR versus Medical Treatments for Phantom Breast Pain: A Comparison Study
Tuesday May 4 1:40 Alison Smith
Debiasing Techniques: Reducing the Impact of Hindsight Bias in Civil Jury Trials
Tuesday May 4 2:15 Melissa Schuchman
Caregiving Roles in Ambiguous Situations
Thursday May 6 1:40 Amanda Midboe
Efficacy of a Local Center's Treatment for Victims of Domestic Violence
Thursday May 6 2:15 Hide Mizuno
Defense Mechanisms and Personality Disorders
Tuesday May 11 2:50 Snow Day
Tuesday May 11 2:15 Snow Day