West High School Programs

UCCS leads the way when it comes to diversity...

Get a head start on college with our courses for high school students!

We offer a variety of creative course options, in person and on-line, and at an affordable price, for high school students seeking to earn college credit early.

These opportunities are provided by our unique Women's and Ethnic Studies Program (WEST) at UCCS, which is both interdisciplinary and intersectional, exploring the connections among race, class, gender, and other social identities. Students going into any college major will need skills to address issues of diversity relevant to every field, whether communication, business, psychology or education; today's jobs require experience dealing with diverse and global populations. Our approach emphasizes skills in cultural responsiveness, critical and cross-disciplinary thinking, community engagement, and local and global awareness. We offer courses on current and relevant topics, as well as travel, internship and community service opportunities.

Click the links below to link to the program information pages, where you'll find all the academic and registration information you need:

Smart-Girl Leadership Institute

Global Works Travel Program

Youth Action Project @ WPC (Inquire by E-Mail)

In the words of our students:

"Taking WEST courses "not only broadened my knowledge...but it has assisted me in developing as a person and finding out who I truly am... has helped me immensely in understanding U.S social reality and developing my social consciousness. It has assisted me with networking and building coalitions with other community organizations, all of which has built a solid foundation for my future." ~Melissa Moffett

"The diversity of staff and subject matter allow students to be more self-directed in their emphasis, and all students are encouraged to bring their personal perspectives to the table." ~Elizabeth Binion