Graduate Certificate Program in Diversity, Social Justice and Inclusion, Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. UCCS is part of the University of Colorado system. UCCS is accredited by the North Central Association (NCA) of the Higher Learning Commission.

Yes. Graduate programs at UCCS may accept this credit for elective purposes.

No. The credit in this program is offered by the Extended Studies Program at UCCS. Even though you are creating an official record at UCCS by obtaining credit through this program, you are not being admitted formally to UCCS.

Yes. Please see our Transcript Request Page for instructions on how to request your official transcript after your coursework is completed.

Yes. All certificate courses earn letter grades on your UCCS transcript.

Yes. Most courses listed on the Certificate Course Offering menu page may be taken without applying for the certificate. However, you cannot officially earn the certificate until you formally apply to the certificate program (see the "Application Process" page).

First-time registrants at UCCS must first apply to the Extended Studies Program. Download the instructions to apply for non-degree graduate admission. When you have completed the application process and received your 9-digit UCCS Student ID, then you will be able to claim your myUCCS student portal account, register for your course, and pay for your course. Whenever you register for a course, you will need the 5-digit Class Number which identifies your course in the UCCS online registration system. You will find 5-digit Class Numbers by accessing the course listings from the COURSE OFFERINGS menu.

Contact LAS Extended Studies to request late enrollment paperwork. If the faculty member teaching the course approves, you will be able to add the course late. A $25 late registration fee will apply (no exceptions).

You may withdraw from your credit registration using your online myUCCS student portal account, if you are withdrawing before the published registration deadline for your course. Go to our Withdrawal Page for instructions. When you withdraw from a course through your portal account, the withdrawal will trigger a full refund of any tuition paid and/or a reversal of any charges incurred. If, however, you are attempting to withdraw after the published registration deadline, you will not be able to accomplish the withdrawal in your portal account. You will need to contact LAS Extended Studies to request a withdrawal form. In many cases, when you withdraw after the published registration deadline, you will still receive a full tuition refund; however, LAS Extended Studies reserves the right to withhold up to $50 in late withdrawal fees.

No, there is no problem. Every semester, there is a date at which tuition balances will begin to post to student portal accounts. If you register before this date, your balance will not post immediately, and you will not be able to pay your tuition right away. Please continue to check back to your student portal account, and when you see the balance has posted, go ahead and make the payment. For Fall 2019, balances will not begin to post until approximately July 28, 2019. For registrations completed after this date, the balance should post immediately or within 24 business hours. Your tuition payment is due as soon as the balance has posted.

The SIS administrative fee is assessed by the UCCS campus administration on all Extended Studies activity. The fee is $2/credit hour and will be added to your balance automatically upon registration.

No, but you can use your myUCCS portal account to do this. You can view your current schedule under the "MyAcademics" tab. Or, request to view your unofficial transcript to see all courses on your UCCS record; see the Transcript Request Page for instructions on how to view your unofficial transcript.

No problem. You have one calendar year from the end of the semester to complete the required coursework. Just continue to work with your instructor. You will see an Incomplete posted to your UCCS transcript at the end of the semester, but the Incomplete will be replaced by a letter grade once you have submitted all the required coursework.

No! UCCS policy is that no student will be dropped for non-payment or non-attendance. Make sure you drop the course through the portal if you no longer want or need the credit.