Innovative Research Initiative awardees

Innovative Research Initiative awardees

The response to the call for proposals for the LAS Innovative Research Initiative was inspiring

There were ten excellent proposals from faculty groups across the college.

A committee of eight faculty members made recommendations on which of the projects to fund. Based on that, there were two groups that received the awards:

Environmental PFC Impact Collaboration (EPIC) in the Fountain Creek Watershed: Determining the Environmental, Ecological, and Societal Impact of PFCs (Funding level - $125,000)

Investigators: Janel Owens, Kevin Tvrdy, Andy Klocko, Wendy Haggren, James Kovacs, Al Schoffstall, and David Weiss all of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Cerian Gibbes of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies; and Emily Mooney and Amy Klocko of the Department of Biology.

Augmented Reflections of History, Culture, and Environment: Experiencing the Interchange of Plains Indians & Spaniards in Southern Colorado 1500-1850 (Funding level - $100,000)

Investigators: Roger Martinez and Samantha Christiansen of the Department of History; Minette Church of the Department of Anthropology, Fernando Feliu-Moggi of the Department of Languages and Cultures; Michael Larkin of the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies; Suzanne MacAulay and Jane Rigler of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts; and Janice Gould of the Department of Women’s and Ethnic Studies.