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With over 6,000 students, the enrollment in the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences is the largest at UCCS. With studies ranging from the humanities all the way to natural sciences, the college is also the most diverse at UCCS.

Tasked with preparing the next generation of professionals in all fields, the College of Letters, Arts and Sciences needs to stay innovative in a constantly changing workforce. To encourage the utilization of internships within the local community, the college has initiated the LAS Peak Learning Experiences program, providing scholarships for students who are unable to consider unfunded internships.

LAS Peak Learning Experiences is just one of many programs the college provides for its students, and just one of many ways you can help the college thrive and directly impact students.

Robert "Rex" Welshon
"When I stop and think about the support the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences has received from donors like you throughout the years, I become overwhelmed with gratitude. It's because of engaged donors that LAS students, faculty and programs thrive. A gift to LAS fosters opportunity both within and outside of the classroom. I've witnessed first-hand how scholarships change a student's life, how donor support helps to fund faculty research that benefits all of us, and how scholarly and creative programs are created and enriched."
Donors ensure advancement is possible and I thank everyone who contributes to the success of LAS today and into the future.

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