College of Letters, Arts & Sciences

Online Incentives in the College of Letters, Arts & Sciences


Below is a summary list of the online incentives currently available to LAS faculty members. For additional information, please refer to the complete document. Requests for funding will generally go the faculty member's department first, but for departments without online fee money, requests will then be made to the College. Instructions for making requests are at the bottom of this page.

  1. Incentives for development/enhancement of online courses
    1. Developing online courses
      1. A $3000 stipend for developing and teaching a new online course. The stipend is distributed after the course has been taught and a Quality Matters Self Review has been completed. For team-taught courses, each member of the team will receive $3000.
    2. Enhancing online courses
      1. A $1000 stipend for substantially enhancing and teaching an existing online course. The stipend is distributed after the course has been taught and a Quality Matters Self Review has been completed. This is a one-time payout for a given online course. Additional enhancement money beyond the first payout requires approval by the Committee.
    3. Quality Matters review
      1. $500 for successfully completing a Quality Matters review.
    4. Quality Matter peer peviewers
      1. $2000 for completing the QM Peer Reviewer Certification (two 2-week online courses).
      2. $300 for each QM review serving as a review team member.
    5. Online training (all training stipends are one-time and funds will be disbursed at the start of the semester in which the online course is scheduled)
      1. $500 for completing LMS training.
      2. $1000 for completing the Teaching Online Certificate Program.
      3. $500 for completing the Online Facilitation Certificate Program.
  2. Technology (all technology awards are one-time and funds will be disbursed during or in the semester prior to the semester in which the online course is scheduled)
    1. Departments may cover the cost of specific kinds of technology purchases, not to exceed $3000, to ensure student and faculty access to online courses, from computers and hardware (e.g., headphones) to course-specific software.
    2. Please note that exceptions to the $3000 maximum or requests for equipment beyond basic hardware and software shall be considered on a case-by-case basis in consultation with department chairs, the LAS Online Fee Committee, and the dean of LAS.
    3. Requesters should consult with a staff member in the Faculty Resource Center to configure their system before submitting the request for approval.
    4. All technology purchased with online funds is property of the university and must be returned to the department upon termination.
  3. Teaching Assistants for online courses
    1. Departments may provide a grader or teaching assistant for online courses that allow eight or more waitlisted students into the course over the enrollment cap at the discretion of the department chair. Pay shall be at standard and typical College rates up to a $2000 maximum and can be paid in one lump sum or hourly, at the chair's discretion.
  4. Travel
    1. A maximum $1500 per academic year fund for traveling to and attending at least two sessions of an academic conference that specifically address online pedagogy. Justification must be provided as to how these sessions would help the applicant improve the quality of online courses. Please note that the faculty member must either currently be teaching an online course or be scheduled to teach an online course in the next calendar year immediately following the conference.
  5. On-campus workshops
    1. A $500 stipend for faculty members who facilitate an on-campus, college-wide or department-specific workshop to enhance online teaching. If you are receiving funding for the workshop from another source you are not eligible for funding from the online fees incentives.
  6. Other
    1. Requests for online fee funds to be used for other items, not addressed above, can be submitted to the department, LAS Online Fee Committee, and/or the Dean for approval.

For questions regarding these LAS Online Incentives, email Jeff Scholes.

Instructions for Submitting Stipend Requests

  • Please note: To request stipends for developing or enhancing online courses, download the appropriate Word form below, fill it out, save it, and email it to Lily Cosgrave.
  • For all other requests, go to the LAS Incentive Forms page, click on Select Form, and log in with your UCCS credentials. You may then select which stipend you are requesting. Fill out the form completely and click Submit.
  • Once submitted, your request will go through the appropriate approval process (which may include your chair, the Fee Committee chair, the dean, et al.) You will receive an email when the approval process is complete. For those stipends that require completion of some activity or are paid out in phases, you will be prompted to resubmit your requests for additional approvals.

For questions regarding the submission of requests, email Lily Cosgrave.