Departments and Programs

Air Force ROTC

Air Force (ROTC) Program

Detachment 105 Commander: Colonel John Cairney
Operations Flight Commander: Captain Julio Mueckay
Phone: (303) 492-3133

Anthropology (ANTH)

Department Chair: Kimbra Smith, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Tim McDonnell
Office Location: CENT 126.
Phone: (719) 255-3620
Army Rotc

Army (ROTC) Program

Program Chair: Lieutenant Colonel John Ring
Office Location: Eagle Rock Modulars
Phone: (719) 255-3236

Biology (BIOL)

Department Chair: Andrew Subudhi, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Ruth Jackson
Office Location: OSCE B313
Phone: (719) 255-3266

Chemistry & Biochemistry (CHEM)

Department Chair: David Anderson, Ph.D.
Associate Chair: Janel Owens, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Tish Fleener
Office Location: CENT 241
Phone: (719) 255-3474
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Communication (COMM)

Department Chair: David Nelson, M.F.A.
Program Assistant: Debbie MacDonald
Office Location: ACAD 508
Phone: (719) 255-4114

Economics (ECON)

Department Chair: Farida Khan, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Stephanie Smith
Office Location: ACAD 203
Phone: (719) 255-8115

English (ENGL)

Department Chair: Katherine Mack , Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Rose Johnson
Office Location: COLU 1025
Phone: (719) 255-4018

Geography & Environmental Studies (GES)

Department Chair: Emily Skop, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Monica Killabrew
Office Location: COLU 2021
Phone: (719) 255-3789

History (HIST)

Department chair: Christina Jiménez, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Ian Smith
Office Location: COLU 2048
Phone: (719) 255-4069
Interdisciplinary Studies

Interdisciplinary Studies (INDS)

Program Director: Janice Thorpe, M.A.
Office Location: COLU 2025
Phone: (719) 255-4564
Languages & Cultures

Languages & Cultures (L&C)

Department Chair: Edgar Cota, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Tim McDonnell
Office Location: DWIR 249
Phone: (719) 255-3563

Mathematics (MATH)

Department Chair: Gene Abrams, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Emanuelita Martinez
Office Location: ENGR 274
Phone: (719) 255-3311

Philosophy (PHIL)

Department Chair: Sonja Tanner, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Monica Killebrew
Office Location: COLU 2039
Phone: (719) 255-3016

Physics & Energy Science (PES)

Department Chair: James Burkhart, Ph.D., Robert Camley, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Kristina Woods
Office Location: ENGR 206
Phone: (719) 255-3164
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Political Science

Political Science (PSC)

Department Chair: Joshua Dunn, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Stephanie Smith
Office Location: ACAD 203
Phone: (719) 255-8115
Professional & Technical Writing

Professional & Technical (PTW) Program

Program Director: Baye Herald, M.A.
Office Location: COLU 1021
Department Phone: (719) 255-4037

Psychology (PSY)

Department Chair: Mary Coussons-Read, Ph.D.
Program Assistants: Laura Chandler, David Dubois, and Andrea Williams
Office Location: COLU 4035
Department Phone: (719) 255-4661
Meet the Psychology Department

Sociology (SOC)

Department Chair: Michèle Companion, Ph.D
Program Assistant: Rosemary Kelbel
Office Location: ACAD 425
Phone: (719) 255-4141

Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)

Department Chair: Suzanne MacAulay, Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Jeremy Click
Office Location: COLU 2003
Phone: (719) 255-4065

Women’s & Ethnic Studies (WEST) Program

Program Director: Stephany Rose , Ph.D.
Program Assistant: Jane Muller
Office Location: ACAD 406
Phone: (719) 255-4553