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Contact Us

Dr. Robert "Rex" Welshon
Dr. Alex LLaova
Janice Thorpe
Robert C. (Rex) Welshon, Ph.D.
Interim Dean, LAS
Professor, Department of Philosophy
(719) 255-4087
COLU 2025B
K. Alex Ilyasova, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, LAS
Professor, Department of English
(719) 255-4059
COLU 2025A
Janice Thorpe, M.A.
Interim Assistant Dean, LAS
Senior Instructor, Department of Communication
(719) 255-4564
COLU 2025B
Samuel Frank, M.A.
IT Professional / Web Designer
(719) 255-4289
COLU 2010

Responsibilities: Web design, training, consulting, support,  usability, and accessibility

Brian Glach
Program Director, LAS Extended Studies
(719) 255-4071
COLU 1007

Responsibilities: LAS budget, expense management, payroll, procurement activities, fund balances, grants

Jacqui Hatfield, MBA
Director for Finance & Operations
(719) 255-4554
COLU 1017

Responsibilities: Provides leadership, management, and oversight of all financial, human resource, and operational matters within the College

Lily Cosgrave
Faculty Program Planning Specialist
(719) 255-5162
COLU 2025G

Responsibilities: Faculty work load/course load, differentiated workloads, instructional capacity, course scheduling, catalog, online incentive program

Sherry McDonnell
Financial Administrator for the College of LAS
(719) 255-4320
COLU 1019

Responsibilities: Oversight of financial, budgetary, payroll and procurement activities

Heidi Wardell
Student Service Specialist (LAS Extended Studies), and National Student Exchange Coordinator
(719) 255-4502
COLU 1007

Responsibilities: Responsibilities: Manage and implement LAS Extended Studies and National Student Exchange (NSE)

Mary McGill
Human Resources Senior Professional
(719) 255-4074
COLU 2025C

Responsibilities: Faculty and staff searches; appointment changes; annual evaluations; salary increase process; reappointment, promotion and tenure (RPT); sabbaticals; faculty sick and parental leave

Margie Oldham
Director, LAS Community Relations and Director, National Student Exchange Program
(719) 255-4552
COH 2025E/1020

Responsibilities: LAS and external community engagement alliances and partnerships, LAS promotional campaigns and special events, external community partnerships providing internships and volunteer opportunities for students, and adviser to the UCCS National Student Exchange Program (NSE).

Brynne Thompson
Executive Assistant to the Dean
(719) 255-4550
COLU 2025H

Responsibilities: Office manager; Deans’ calendar scheduling; Manage C&R, CAP, Faculty Meetings, Fees Committee; FCQ administration; Grade roster management; COLU conference rooms scheduling; President’s/Dean’s lists

Student Employees

Dylan Copley
(719) 255-4550


A.J. Vafiades
(719) 255-4550

LAS Dean's Office

Columbine Hall 2025
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs Colorado 80918
(719) 255-4550
Fax: (719) 255-4200