2020 Awards Psychology


2020 LAS Awards

Outstanding Students: Undergraduate & Graduate

Sarah (Gwen) Chelsea Chambers
Outstanding Undergraduate Psychology Student (Fall 2019)
Malia Jackson
Outstanding Undergraduate Psychology Student (Spring 2020)

Malia is a native Coloradan currently living in Franktown but residing on campus during her years at UCCS.  Malia has enthusiastically pursed her degree in psychology and minor in Women and Ethnic Studies through the excellent program at UCCS and under the guidance of a fantastic faculty alongside her fellow classmates.  In addition to her studies in psychology, Malia has had an opportunity to pursue two other passions while at UCCS, those being teaching dance to young aspiring dancers as well as her fascination with the physical sciences.  Malia is preparing for her post graduate future in the health sciences.  She studied a semester abroad in Italy which gave her a love for travel and she is planning a trip to Japan and Thailand in December. Her time at UCCS has been one of personal growth and development and she wants to thank her family, friends and the staff at UCCS for their friendship, support and guidance as she moves forward to her next chapter.

Jessica "Jessie" Freeman
Outstanding MA Student, Psychological Science

Jessie is from Zimmerman, Minnesota. She received her B.A in Psychology, with minors in English and Sociology, from Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa. She is currently completing her M.A. in Psychological Science with a subplan in Law and Psychology at UCCS. Her research interests include psychological disorders and neuropsychological functioning in prison populations, risk assessment, and criminal and antisocial behavior. She is passionate about statistics and research methods, and teaching. She is currently a teaching assistant in the UCCS Psychology department for undergraduate and graduate statistics courses. Her hobbies include reading and hiking. After she receives her degree from UCCS, she plans to continue to conduct research in the field of Psychology and Law, and hopes to get her doctorate degree and become a professor.

Katie Granier
Outstanding MA Student, Clinical Psychology

Katie Granier is a second-year clinical psychology M.A. student in Dr. Segal’s Aging and Mental Health Lab within the Geropsychology concentration. Her primary research interests are in anxiety and worry in older adults, aging and mental health, and protective and risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia in late life. At UCCS, she is currently completing a Master’s thesis on the multifaceted characterization of worry in relation to anxiety in younger and older adults. She is also participating in clinical practicum at the UCCS Aging Center providing individual psychotherapy and memory clinic services to older adults in the Colorado Springs community. Katie is currently planning to graduate with her M.A. in May 2020 and continue on to pursue doctoral studies at UCCS in the following years.

Danielle "Dani" Correll
Outstanding PhD Student, Clinical Psychology

Danielle is currently a graduate student in the UCCS Clinical Psychology Doctorate program with an emphasis in trauma. Danielle is a graduate student clinician at the Colorado Springs VA and a member of Dr. Kristin Samuelson’s research lab. Her interests include traumatic brain injury (TBI), Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and chronic pain. Outside of academic and clinical work, Danielle enjoys outdoor activities such as mountain biking, camping, and hiking, volunteering within the Colorado Springs community, and spending time with her dogs. 


Kayla Neeley
Becker Award

This year the Psychology Department recognized one graduate student (out of the approximately 20 who just finished their first year) that has shown outstanding accomplishment and promise in academics and research. The Becker Award, named for Dr. Lee Becker (Professor of Psychology, 1977 - 2001), includes a $2,000 scholarship for the award winner.

Margaret "Mimi" Morison
Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region outstanding MA student in Psychological Science

Margaret received her B.S. in Psychology with a focus in forensic psychology from George Mason University. Prior to attending UCCS, she was a crisis hotline and a domestic violence shelter volunteer. She is currently a second-year M.A. student in Psychological Science with a focus on trauma. In her work with her mentor, Dr. Charles Benight, she has worked on numerous projects surrounding resilience and recovery from traumatic events. Her current research interests include sexual assault, trauma-related appraisals, developmental processes that may contribute to resilience or recovery, and how trauma-related symptoms change over time. When not completing coursework, her passion is learning new statistical approaches, such as nonlinear dynamic systems techniques. She is a teaching assistant for the Psychology department and tutors statistics for the social sciences at the Excel Math Center. 

Madeline Lag
Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region – Outstanding MA Student, Clinical Psychology

Madeline Lag is a second-year graduate student from Chicago, IL majoring in clinical psychology. She graduated from Knox College in Galesburg, IL with a BA in psychology in 2018. She currently works in Dr. Leilani Feliciano’s behavioral medicine lab, and her master’s thesis is examining mindfulness interventions for reducing depressive symptoms in older adults. She additionally completed her clinical practicum at the UCCS Wellness Center where she provided individual and group psychotherapy. In the future, Madeline plans on pursuing a career in psychological research and attending a PhD program in clinical psychology.  

Jennifer Roberts
Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region – Outstanding PhD Student, Geropsychology

Jennifer Roberts received an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS). She is currently completing her fourth year of the Clinical Psychology, Geropsychology doctoral track at UCCS. Her research centers on the social and cognitive aspects of aging.  She is currently studying the longitudinal effects of computerized cognitive training on dementia-related anxiety in cognitively intact adults.  Jennifer’s career goals include clinical geropsychology, cognitive assessment, and advocacy for older adults. 

Krista Engle
Psychological Society of the Pikes Peak Region – Outstanding PhD Student, Trauma Psychology

Krista Engle, MA is a 4th year graduate student in the Trauma track of the Clinical Psychology PhD program at UCCS and a member of Dr. Kristi Samuelson’s lab. Prior to attending UCCS, she received her BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania (Class of 2013). She aspires to improve the treatment of trauma-related outcomes through her research by identifying unique factors that contribute to specific clinical trajectories. Krista's thesis was an exploration of the roles of emotion regulation and psychological flexibility in the development of complex trauma sequelae. Clinically, she is a third-year practicum student at the Ivy Clinic at Fort Carson and the Veterans Health and Trauma Clinic. In her free time, Krista likes to go hiking, cook new recipes, watch The Office, drink wine, love on other people’s dogs, and swing dance!