Tutoring Schedules

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The Excel Languages and Social Sciences Center (LSSC) models academic excellence by providing tutoring and other learning support services for Spanish, American Sign Language (ASL), French, German, Japanese, and Chinese.  We also support group, individualized, and in-classroom tutoring for Anthropology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Business, Information Systems, and English for international students (graduate and undergraduate).  

Regularly attending tutoring sessions and studying in dedicated learning spaces results in an increase of up to two full letter grades in one or more courses.  Students who participate in tutoring and collaborative learning environments persist and graduate at higher levels compared to their peers who do not participate in tutoring.  

LSSC tutors really enjoy supporting students learning new languages. They specialize in conversation, grammar, and cultural aspects of courses. They work closely with the faculty to best support academic achievement and student success. 

Tutoring sessions are scheduled in the LSSC (Dwire Hall 270) unless otherwise indicated. You are welcome to call the LSSC (719.255.3690) to confirm if a session has been canceled due to illness or weather. You can also check on the LSSC Facebook page for up to date cancellations.

If you have specific tutoring schedule needs (ex. different days/times and online tutoring needs) or suggestions, please contact the LSSC (LSSC@uccs.edu). *Tutoring is also supported through online tutoring via Skype and WebEx by appointment.*

Languages Tutoring Session Times: (Fall 2017)

American Sign Language - Monday/Wednesday/Thursday (9am-6pm), Tuesday (9am-4pm), Friday (8am-5pm), Saturday (9am-1pm).

Chinese - Monday/Wednesday (8am-1pm), Friday (8am-Noon). 

English for international students - Monday through Thursday (1-4pm), Friday (2-5pm), Saturday (10am-1pm) AND by appointment.

French - Tuesday/Thursday (8am-10:30am & 11am-5pm),  Friday (10am-3pm), Saturday (1-4pm).

German -Monday (2-4pm), Tuesday (8-10:30am & 12:30-4pm), Wednesday (8-10:30am), Thursday (8am-2:30pm), Friday (9am-5pm). 

Japanese - Monday/Wednesday (8am-5pm), Tuesday (1-4pm), Friday (9am-5pm), Saturday (10am-1pm).

Latin - Monday (3:30-5pm), Wednesday (1:45-3pm), Thursday (10:30am-1:15pm), Friday (9:30am-Noon).

Spanish - Monday through Friday (8am-6pm), Saturday (10am-1pm). 

Social Sciences Tutoring Session Times:

Anthropology - Monday (2-4pm), Wednesday (8-10:30am), Thursday (8am-1pm). 

Economics - Please contact the department for details or click here

GES/GIS - Thursday (9:30am-12:30pm in Dwire Hall 270), Thursday (4:30-7:30pm in Columbine Hall 331), Friday (11am-1pm in Dwire Hall 270).

History - Monday (2-4pm), Wednesday (8-10:30am), Thursday (8am-1pm) 

Philosophy - Monday (11:30am-1:30pm), Tuesday (8am-10:30am & 1:30-3:30pm), Wednesday (10-11am), Thursday (12:30-2:30pm & 4-6pm), Friday (1-6pm). 

Psychology - Please contact the Psychology department or your course instructor. 

Sociology - Monday (12-4pm), Wednesday (8am-1pm), Thursday (9am-2pm).

  *Scheduled sessions may be moved or canceled due to lack of attendance, change in resources, and tutor availability.

Two Students studying a textbook