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Spanish - Bachelor of Arts, BA

In the United States, Spanish is fast becoming second to English in usage. A language of practical utility, great literature (Don Quixote), and wide applicability (in North, Central, and South America, as well as in Europe), Spanish is a necessary skill for dealing with today’s world.

Teaching Option

A degree option is available for elementary, secondary and special education teachers. Please contact Academic Advising for further information.

Learning Outcomes, Spanish, BA

  • Be able to speak the language well enough to satisfy routine social demands and limited nonspecific, work related tasks
  • Be able to comprehend face-to-face speech in standard language spoken at a normal rate with some repetition and rewording by a native speaker not accustomed to dealing with foreigners
  • Have sufficient comprehension to read authentic printed material or edited texts and material within a familiar context
  • Be able to write routine social correspondence and simple discourse as well as cohesive summaries, resumes, short narratives and descriptions on factual topics in the past, present, and future times
  • Possess a broad understanding of the history and civilization of the target culture
  • Possess a critical and theoretically-based awareness of the literary and cultural traditions, periods, genres and contexts of the target language

General Requirements

      • 36 credit hours in Spanish language and literature courses (beyond SPAN 2110)
      • 6 credit hours in Foreign and Cultural Studies
      • Spanish majors must achieve grades of C or higher in all required Spanish courses

Total: 42 semester hours – 36 semester hours in Spanish plus 6 semester hours in Foreign and Cultural Studies.

Course Requirements

Advanced Language Courses (6 credit hours)

      • SPAN 3000 - Spanish Grammar and Composition
      • SPAN 3010 - Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition

Literature Courses (9 credit hours)

      • SPAN 3100 - Literary Analysis
      • SPAN 3190 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature I
      • SPAN 3200 - Introduction to Hispanic Literature II

Spanish Literature (9 credit hours)

Choose 9 credit hours from the following courses.

      • SPAN 3370 - The Latin American Essay
      • SPAN 3690 - Hispanic Culture Through Film (can satisfy one literature elective)
      • SPAN 4110 - Women in Hispanic Literature
      • SPAN 4150 - Masterpieces of Spanish Literature
      • SPAN 4210 - Hispanic Heritage of Colorado
      • SPAN 4280 - Generation of 1898
      • SPAN 4360 - Hispanic Short Story
      • SPAN 4400 - Topics in Contemporary Literature
      • SPAN 4420 - Hispanic/Latino US Literature
      • SPAN 4440 - Hispanic, Chicano/a, and Mexican-American Literature
      • SPAN 4450 - US Cuban Literature
      • SPAN 4460 - Studies in U.S.-Mexico Border Literature
      • SPAN 4510 - Contemporary Hispanic American Literature
      • SPAN 4610 - Latin American Authors
      • SPAN 4620 - Don Quijote I
      • SPAN 4650 - Spanish or Latin American or Chicano Authors
      • SPAN 4660 - Spanish Authors-Poetry

Culture/Civilization courses (6 credit hours)

      • SPAN 3250 - Hispanic Culture Studies
      • SPAN 4250 - The Cultural Heritage in Latin America

Senior Seminar (3 credit hours)

      • SPAN 4970 - Senior Seminar: Spanish

Foreign and Cultural Studies (FCS): Hispanic topics (6 credit hours)

      • FCS 3230 - Southwestern Culture Studies
      • FCS 3360 - U.S. Latina/o Literature
      • FCS 3690 - Topics in Hispanic Film
      • FCS 4210 - Hispanic Heritage of Colorado
      • FCS 4253 - Almodovar
      • FCS 4460 - Studies in U.S.-Mexico Border Literature

Elective (3 credit hours)

      • Complete 3 additional hours of SPAN elective courses. Students entering at the 3000 level may elect to take these 3 credit hours in upper-division grammar/language, or in Spanish literature.


In some cases these major requirements may result in total credit hours in the major in excess of the Letters, Arts and Sciences 54-hour subject area requirement. Unless the student successfully petitions the Committee on Academic Progress for a waiver, the major hours exceeding the 54-hour maximum will be in addition to the 120 hours needed to graduate.

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