Omega Tau Sigma Delta Pi

OmegaLa Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispanica "Spanias didagei Proagomen"

Greetings Omega Tau advisers and members!

The Omega Tau Chapter of Sigma Delta Pi of La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica is proud to present our initiates for the 2018 Spring Semester Induction. Please welcome our initiates:

  • Samantha Alvarado
  • Megan Burnett
  • Ariana Huerta
  • Michaela Joachim
  • David Lopez
  • Karen Ortiz
  • Elizabeth Tavera Vazquez
  • Carolina Terrell


IMPORTANT: The UCCS Event Center is unable to accommodate us on Friday, April 6, 2018 in Kettle Creek Event Center 12 pm to 1 pm due to a scheduling conflict.

WE need to know if our initiates are available the following days and what time?

Saturday, April 7th is available OR all day on Sunday April 8th

Please respond with an email as soon as possible!


Our induction ceremony is scheduled for Friday, April 13, 2018 in Kettle Creek Event Center, which is in the Roaring Fork Dinning Hall building. The ceremony will commence at 5 pm. ALL inductees are asked to be present at 4 pm for one final rehearsal.


  • On the day of the Induction Ceremony be promptly there at 4 pm
  • Dress to impress
  • You may wear red, black and gold OR any combination
  • DO NOT wear jeans
  • You MUST be present at the induction, by proxy is not an option
  • Bring up to 2 guests
  • RSVP is a requirement (by April 4th we must have confirmation of your guests)
  • Invitation is required at the door

INVITATIONS -guests must show their invitations to enter

The invitations were handed out on April 2, 2018 in Dwire, Tutoring Center from 8 am to 11 am. So far the following initiates picked up their invitations and RSVP:

  • David Lopez (+1)
  • Carolina Terrell (+2)
  • Samantha Alvarado (+2)
  • Ariana Huerta (+2) 4/3/18 @ 10:40 Dwire

If you were unable to pick up your invitations, I can give them to you at the determined rehearsal time. If you email me with your availability, I can arrange for one of your professors to hand it to you during class.


You are invited to the 2018 Spring Semester Induction Ceremony BUT you are not permitted any guests. The induction ceremony is to be a prestigious private event in honor of our inductees. You must RSVP and wear your pin.


This year we have created a segment for our graduating Omega Tau Sigma Delta Pi Seniors to receive their cords during the ceremony. Please respond confirming your attendance. If you are unable to attend, please pick up your cords at your convenience from professor Goni (email her for officer hours).

Thank you everyone for your cooperation and dedication to La Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispanica.