Italian Courses


Essentials of basic Italian, oral-aural skills stressed with additional reading, writing, and grammar.

  • 4 Credits

Essentials of Italian continued. Additional oral-aural skills practice with increased grammar, reading, and writing. Prer., ITAL 1010 or equivalent.

  • 4 Credits

Italian at the intermediate level with concentration on conversation, culture, and civilization, or literature at that level. Prer., ITAL 1020 or equivalent.

  • 4 Credits

An examination of Italian film from its beginnings to the contemporary era, with special emphasis on neorealism and post-neorealist styles. The course approaches ideological, discursive, gender, and social issues articulated in works by Blasetti, DeSica, Visconti, Fellini, Pasolini, Antonioni, Wertmuller, Scola, and other directors. Prer., FILM 1000, FILM 2000, or instructor consent. Meets with FCS 4000 and FILM 4000.

  • 3 Credits