Victoria Jeffs

Victoria Jeffs

KPWE Mentor


Victoria Jeffs -- Founder and Executive Director Day 2 International

As the founder of Day 2 International, Victoria believes that everyone has a purpose and was born to solve a problem. After a decade of research, she completed and started teaching how to discover purpose & enjoy quality of life, regardless of economic status, past failures and even trauma. Her conviction is that when we invest in individuals and communities (investment versus benefits), people experience fulfillment, enjoy quality of life and leave great legacies behind!

According to Victoria, studies show that roughly 1% of people discover and fulfill their purpose in life. Her flagship program, corePurpose: Find Your Day2, leads people to experience their own "Day 2."  Using the Train the Trainer model, both corePurpose and corePurpose 2.0 are now being taught on 4 continents.

These programs have been delivered to individuals suffering from PTSD, High School students, Alternative Schools, Habitat for Humanity clients, Prison Re-entry, Workforce, Veterans, Social Services, Refugee Programs, Educators, Family Development, Parenting, Business Start-up, Faith organizations, Corporate Leadership & Management.

Victoria’s educational background includes Psychology, Personality Theory and Graduate studies in Leadership Development. She scheduled to graduate with a B.S. in Psychology from Thomas Edison State University in 2018.

She is married and has one daughter.  Victoria is an unabashed animal lover and loves to read science fiction in her free time. She looks forward to her involvement with KPWE and its mentor program.