Mary Cavanaugh

Mary Cavanaugh

KPWE Mentor


Mary Cavanaugh

Mary Cavanaugh has had several professions including a life and health group underwriter for a large

insurance company, a project manager for a large telecom company and a sales professional for a large

computer company. She currently works from home providing engineering and sales support for Florida

commercial and public sector customers for a company in New York City.

She is active in the Rotary Club of North Colorado Springs where she serves as the fundraising chairman

on the board. The club has supported the Karen Possehl Women’s Endowment for many years. She

volunteers with the club to provide Ethics training to the Freshman classes at Doherty High School, Civa

Charter Academy, Life Skills High School, Jenkins Middle School and several elementary schools. The

club gives dictionaries to third graders in D11 and D20 each year; and participates in water, medical and

dental projects in Mexico, Peru and Ecuador. She also volunteers at Urban Peak, the nonprofit that

assists homeless teens in Colorado Springs.

She is Treasurer for Rotary Champions, an organization created by all the Rotary Clubs in El Paso and

Teller Counties to recognize outstanding student athletes and give away two $5,000 scholarships each


Mary Cavanaugh grew up in small-town Iowa and graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in

English. She married shortly after graduation and over the next few years lived in South Carolina, Texas,

Oklahoma, Spain, Italy Mexico and Illinois as she went with her husband on his engineering assignments.

This is her first year to mentor for KPWE and she’s totally enjoying the experience.