Karen Possehl Women's Endowment

Shannon Ponce

KPWE Mentor


Shannon Ponce, Principal at Colorado Permits & LogisticsbySKP, entrepreneurial endeavors in the building industry and virtual marketplace

Shannon has 17 years experience working with nonprofits delivering both international and local services. She developed content for articles, reports and proposals, improved internal systems and provided business intelligence to launch sustainable community programs. Her roles were focused on research, analysis and new business development. Shannon graduated from Westmont College with a degree in Spanish Language - minor in Business Administration.

Throughout her career, Shannon has worked with executives of local and international offices, nonprofit boards of directors, city and county departments, government regulators, outsourced vendors/consultants, general contractors and architectural firms along with entrepreneurs and project managers in the newer world of virtual freelance.

As a civic leader, Shannon has mentored high school students, taught women's development groups, managed special events, and organized and led teams on international service projects. She has worked on the Pikes Peak Quality of Life indicators Report and is currently mentoring her second student through the KPWE scholarship program.