Institute Curriculum

What does the Knapsack Institute Provide?

Knapsack backpack infographic

• A "knapsack" full of tools to use in teaching the concepts of privilege and oppression
• Hands-on activities to replicate in your own organization or institution
• Concrete strategies and contemplative practices that encourage growth
• Framework for understanding diversity intersections (race, gender, etc.)
• Pedagogical approaches to teaching diversity
• A supportive forum for sharing ideas and strategies

Institute Topics include:

• Setting the Scene for Effective Dialogue
• Facilitating Difficult Discussions
• Dealing with Resistance
• Curriculum Transformation
• Building Support for Inclusion and Diversity in Organizations

Specialized Workshop Topics

• The impact of race and gender on students' evaluations of educators
• Issues facing both white teachers and teachers of color
• Transgender issues
• Bullying and Microaggressions
• Creating inclusive environments
• Culturally responsive practices
• Ally building
• Teaching with films
• Incorporating Disability Studies