Human Physiology and Nutrition Programs

Human Physiology & Nutrition (HPNU)

HPNU Fuels Multiple Professional Healthcare Pathways

Featuring a foundational, science-based curriculum, the Human Physiology and Nutrition Department prepares students for a wide variety of health-related careers. Graduates find employment or go on to pursue professional training in fields such as physiology, nutrition, exercise science, athletic training, physical therapy, and medicine.


Human Physiology & Nutrition Programs


Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology & Nutrition

The Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and Nutrition curriculum is built upon a core set of required classes that map directly to the most common prerequisite classes necessary for application to professional schools, such as medical and physician assistant programs, making it an attractive “pre-med” major. 

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science

The degree will blend education in basic and applied science for students seeking careers in sport science and medicine and highlights university relationships with local sport organizations and health care providers.


Graduate Programs

Master of Sciences Applied Physiology

The Master of Sciences Applied Physiology is a research-oriented post-baccalaureate degree program for those who intend to pursue further studies at the doctoral level, such as an MD, PhD, or DPT.

Master of Sciences Sports Nutrition

The Master of Sciences in Sport Nutrition Program seeks to educate students with backgrounds in dietetics in the fundamental skills, knowledge and practice of Sport Nutrition in order to prepare them for board certification and leadership positions in nutrition services.


Other Programs


For those currently holding a Bachelor's degree, the UCCS Individualized Supervised Practice Pathways (ISPP) program offers a pathway to become a registered dietitian.