Student & Alumni Spotlight


Student & Alumni Spotlight

Where are they now? 
Here is a list of our current graduates who are working as full time sport dietitians.



Vanessa Risoul, MS RD

Creator of the Nutrition Center at the High Performance Center in Mexico City, Mexico and Consultant to the Mexican Olympic Athletes

Lauren Jones, MS RD CSSD

University of Utah

Regina Hammond, MS RD CSSD

Owner of Eat2Win:Nutrition for the Whole Athlete,

Lauren Story, MS NASM-FNS

Owner of Fitfuel Performance Nutrition,

Claire Mademann, MS RD CSSD

Owner of Nutrition on Track,

Shelly Guzman Johnson, MS RD CSSD

Pro Sports Club

Emily Kaley, MS RD

Current: NYMets and New York University; Former: Sport Dietitian assistant to Madison Square Garden Sports Teams (NY Knicks, NY Rangers, NY Liberty, Westchester Knicks, Hartford Wolfpack).  Emily also worked with the Chicago Cubs minor league.

Claire Siekaniec, MS RD CSSD

Sports Dietitian at Tosh –Orthopaedic Specialty Group, Intermountain Healthcare

Nuwanee Kirihennedige, MS RD CSSD

Sports Nutrition Consultant to the US Olympic Committee and graduate faculty at University of Colorado Colorado Springs

John Boesch, MS RD LD

Texas Tech University

Andrea Vanderwoude, MS RD CSSD

Current: Seattle Seahawks; Former: University of Southern California

Meredith Price, MS RD CSSD

University of Washington. Meredith completed a Gatorade Sport Nutrition Fellowship with the US Olympic Committee.

Erin Berg, MS RD CSSD LD

University of Wisconsin.  Erin completed a fellowship with the University of Alabama.

Kate Burks, MS RD CSSD LD

US Army Special Forces



US Army World Class Athlete Program (Athletes in the army training for the Olympics)

Katie Frushour, MS RD CSSD LD

US Military Nutrition Counselor

Sarah Underriner-Weber, MS RD

Current: Military performance (in Hawaii); Former: Washington State University

Whether a student is involved in a project or a thesis for their capstone experience, all student's work is recommended to be submitted for conference presentations.  Most of our student master's capstone projects and theses have been presented at the American Academy for Sports Medicine Conference (ACSM).  Below are a few highlights of our student's work.

Risoul-Salas, Vanessa (2015)
Reguant-Closa, Alba (2015)
Viner, Rebecca (2014)
Fritscher, Kate (2012)
Hammond, Regina (2013)
Rubenstein, Nicole (2013)
What our past students are saying
Bethany Frieler (current student, graduating Spring 2016)
Erin Berg, MS RD (graduated Spring 2014)
Sean Svette, MS RD (graduated Spring 2014)
CPT Kelly Ping Kaim, MS RD CSSD (graduated 2011)
Alba Reguant-Closa, MS RD (graduated May 2015)
Andrea Vanderwoude, MS RD (Graduated May 2015)
Kristina Comer, MS RD (Graduated May 2015)