Nutrition Tuition


Nutrition Tuition

To see program costs for graduate school, click here.  Select the tab for our college, Helen and Arthur E Johnson Beth El College of Nursing and Health Sciences 

If you are an international student, please contact our Global Engagement Office for cost inquiries at   
Click here to view the Global Engagement website. 

Please note, establishing residency would be very beneficial to you because it presents a significant cost savings.  If timed correctly, you could save over 40% in your second year!  You will need to arrive in Colorado and start the process BEFORE the first day of class.  So if classes would start on August 22, you would need to have this paperwork on file prior to this date (since we usually have orientation on the Friday before classes start, you should plan on getting this process started sometime in the week prior at the latest).  For more information on establishing residency in Colorado, please visit the Office of the Registrar



Graduate Assistants 
The Master of Sciences Sport Nutrition program has some graduate assistant positions (as they become available) within sustainability, food service and food literacy education activities.   Applicants should indicate their interest in their letter of application, though awards may be granted at a later date after we can observe student characteristics and suitability for these positions.

Teaching Assistants 
Limited teaching assistant positions are available through the Health Sciences Department. Potential activity courses include: Pilates; Yoga; Kickboxing; Strength Band Training; Zumba; Weightlifting; Hike, Walk, Jog for Fitness; and Boot Camp Toning & Conditioning. Lecture courses include sections of Personal Fitness and Wellness. These positions are paid per credit hour taught and do not include tuition remission or stipends. Decisions on these positions are not made until accepted applicants have confirmed that they will attend UCCS. 

  • Please provide a brief summary of your background, experience and interest that would assist in our consideration of your request for these assistantships. This information is not part of the online application process and should be submitted directly to Dr. Margaret Harris (