Clinical Education

Clinical Education

Clinical Education



Quality Hands-on Experience, Early and Often

Clinical experiences will begin during the first semester and continue throughout the two-year program providing a connection between the classroom and real life situations. These experiences are coordinated to maximize student learning through periods of full-time engagement at one of our many clinical sites in Colorado Springs and surrounding area.

Our clinical sites will offer students progressive experiences and opportunities to engage with diverse and sometimes unique populations. Students will gain hands-on experience under the guidance of our high-caliber preceptors, with the end-goal of developing independent decision making skills and students prepared for interprofessional practice. The clinical opportunities range from secondary schools and collegiate settings, orthopedic and primary care physician offices, physical therapy and wellness clinics, to military and tactical settings.

Clinical Education Sites
We have several sites eager to provide opportunities for student clinical education, as you can see listed below. Check back for updates, and see where you might be able to gain your hands-on experience.

Cheyenne Mountain School District 12
Colorado Springs Christian School
Colorado Springs School District 11
Fountain Fort Carson School District 8
Manitou Springs School District 14
University of Colorado Colorado Springs Athletics
University of Colorado Colorado Springs Wellness Center
Unites States Air Force Academy Athletics

Criminal Background Checks
All clinical experience sites utilized by the MSAT require criminal background checks for the protection of vulnerable populations. The Department of Health Sciences complies with all policies for this purpose. Students must complete the criminal background check process within one month of admission to the MSAT. The background check is only good for one year, and students will be required to complete a second background check prior to start of the 3rd semester in the program. Under extenuating circumstances, students taking longer than two years to complete the clinical education requirements of the MSAT must complete additional background checks for continued enrollment.

Students who have a previous conviction for a misdemeanor or felony may not be eligible for placement in internship/practicum sites and may have an impact on their ability complete the degree requirements. The Department Chair will review background checks for decisions related to outcomes of the background check.

Drug Testing
All students will be required to submit to a drug test and provide verification of successful screening prior to the first day of classes for each year they are enrolled in the MSAT. Students must complete the Drug Testing process in accordance with Health Science Department Policy. The Drug Test may be conducted in conjunction with the Criminal Background Check. All drug testing results will be reviewed by the Department Chair for decisions related to the outcomes of the test.