Office of Information Technology

Requested and Closed Projects

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Project list updated 2/15/17

Requested Projects

Name Description Acct/Dept Requestor Status Status Comments
Removal of Polycomm System Components Completely remove all Polycom hardware including the rack/towers, cameras and mounting hardware and wiring Information Technology David Khaliqi Declined Will not meet the definition of a project
COMM Center Technology Advancement Advance the technology in the Communication Center Communication Department (COMM) Erica Allgood Declined Will only provide consultation but no support or maintenance.
User Extraction for Blackboard Information Technology Christin Deville Declined This is not outside of scope for your current job duties. Do not proceed until you have talked to Kirk
Dwire Hall upgrades College of Business (COB) Daniel Lemack Declined Please use M. Belding for consulting purposes but IT cannot support your project
Sub - metering in Summit Village Sustainability Kevin Gilford Declined This does not have the potential to be a project. Submit your request/a ticket through Cherwell when ready and we can help set up vendors to do the work.
First Year Business Writing Computer Upgrade English Department Ann N. Amicucci Declined Facilities has taken the lead on this and submitted their own business case for Project Osborne B138
Software Update - DCHS Information Technology Charles Cummings Declined Fits into everyday work. Greg will consult for Infrastructure needs and all other requests to be placed into Cherwell.
UCCS Facilities IT Construction Standards Facilities Services Lori Notestine Declined Charles, while this is a "temporary endeavor" we are looking at this as part of our job. Mike Belding, Sarah Mensch and Greg Williams are working on these.
Indoor Practice Facility and Baseball Diamond Facilities Services Charles Cummings Declined Charles, After our Facilities/IT meeting yesterday, December 27, 2016, it was decided that Capital Construction projects do not need to be chartered or tracked as an IT project. We will continue to strengthen our relationship for capital construction projects between IT and Facilities. Please continue working with Greg. Thank you
EPC 109 Refresh The focus on this project is to strengthen and simplify the functionality in EPC 109. Right now, the classroom/conference room is being used by faculty, staff and students who are having a difficult time trying to control the room problem-free. We will discuss an upgrade path, decide on a path, and implement it in hopes that all stakeholders involved are happy and understand the functionality of the room. The most important factor is that they are also able to control the room without any issues and minimal training. Information Technology Steven Rodela Charter
VDI Pilot setup test environment for VDI before real hardware is procured and released to campus. Information Technology Greg Williams Charter

Closed Projects

Name Closed (Month/Year) Manager
Media Storage January 2017 Greg Williams
Firewall Replacement January 2017 Greg Williams
Heller Center Network Wire and Wireless Upgrade January 2017 Greg Williams
Blade Replacement January 2017 Greg Williams
Central IT Primary Data Storage January 2017 Greg Williams
Construction: Fuller House Technology Upgrade December 2016 Greg Williams
Faculty Portal September 2016 Craig Decker