Enrollment & Databook

UCCS employees: Please login to CU-Data for dynamic (refreshed daily) enrollment reports of student enrollment, courses delivered, degree conferrals, and more. CU-Data is accessible in the myUCCS portal under Reporting & Compliance. See our CU-Data Help page for more assistance. We are migrating internal reports to CU-Data as of Fall 2019.

Enrollment Reports:

          Fall Databook
          Fall Enrollment Projection (for 2020)
          Fall Enrollment Chart (since 1965)
          Student Enrollment in All Plans by Department:
               Fall Terms 2014 through 2019
               Spring Terms 2015 through 2020
               Summer Terms 2015 through 2019

          CU Annual Diversity Report (student demographics and outcomes)
          UCCS Annual Diversity Report (subset of above)

          CDHE's "mid-50%" percentile ranges on admissions criteria for Fall 2017

Credit Hours Taught:

          Fall Census (by college and subject)
          Spring Census (by college and subject)
          End of Term (all terms)
          Extended Studies Hours by Term

          Credit Hours Taught by Faculty Type (Fall terms):
          2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 census | 2018 census | 2019 census       

Instructional Space Utilization:
          Fall 2019 
          Spring 2020