Digital Measures

UCCS began using Digital Measures' Activity Insight in 2015 for instructors and tenured/tenure-track faculty to record and prepare Faculty Activity Reports. The program is secure and only available to UCCS faculty and academic affairs administrators. In the Fall 2017 semester, we began using Workflow to process faculty reviews.


Faculty and administrators can login here with your UCCS username and password. The login screen is also available from the Faculty Reporting quick link on the Faculty & Staff website.

picture of login


  • Download this Overview for a quick guide to help navigate the program.
  • Get detailed instructions on how to manage your activities in Digital Measures.
  • Open this grid for a list of which activities we transferred from the old FRPA reports. Most activities from calendar year 2012 through 2014 were uploaded into Digital Measures from FRPA.
  • How to run reports for CV's, accrediting bodies, annual evaluations, etc.
  • Read FAQs
  • If you need assistance working with Digital Measures, please contact Rebecca Marshall.

Screenshot of Main Page

Digital Measures Home Screenshot