Faculty Course Questionnaires


Beginning with the Fall 2019 semester, four colleges will begin using EvaluationKit by Watermark to administer faculty/course questionnaires. The four colleges are: School of Public Affairs, College of Education, College of Business, and the College of Engineering & Applied Sciences. Please contact IR for more information.

     Fake Results (Testing)
     School of Public Affairs
     College of Education (forthcoming Jan 1, 2020)
     College of Business
     College of Engineering & Applied Sciences

For other colleges (NURS & CLAS) and all FCQs administered prior to Fall 2019, the Faculty Course Questionnaires (FCQs) are processed by CU-Boulder. The results are available online:

The online results date back to 2008. FCQs prior to 2008 might be available in the archives of the Kraemer Family Library at UCCS.