Quick Facts

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12,435             Fall enrollment (end of Fall 2017)
16,743             12-Month unduplicated headcount (FY17)
10,475            12-Month FTE student enrollment (FY17)
16:1                 student-to-faculty ratio (Fall 2017)
31%                 taking online coursework  

2,406               Degree conferrals (FY 2018)
43%                 Six-Year Graduation rate (2011 cohort)
35%                 Six-Year Transfer-Out rate (2011 cohort)
65%                 Retention rate (2016 cohort)
66%                 est. Working off campus
75%                 est. Alumni employed six months after graduating
12%                 est. Alumni continuing education six months after graduating  

Financial Aid:  
66%                 Undergraduates receiving fin aid (Fall 2016)
30%                 Undergraduates with a scholarship (Fall 2016)
71%                 Undergraduate aid distribution is in loans (Fall 2016)
5.5%                Loan default rate (2017 for 2014 cohort)
30%                 Undergraduates receiving Pell Grant (Fall 2017)  

16%                 Graduate level
30%                 Undergrads who are first generation
31%                 Ethnic minority
53%                 Female
2%                   International  

109                  Avg admission index among first-year cohort
33%                 New fall students admitted as transfers  

$21,459           Revenue per FTE enrollment (FY 16)
$18,777           Expenses per FTE enrollment (FY 16)


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