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Gainful Employment Certificates:

Gainful Employment program reporting and compliance regulations are changing frequently; please refer to the Department of Education's website on Negotiated Rulemaking for Gainful Employment programs or the IFAP (Information for Financial Aid Professionals) website educational programs that prepare students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation are subject to regulations published in the Federal Register (75 FR 66832). The regulations require that each program provide prospective students with the occupations the program prepares students to enter, on-time completion rates, tuition and fees for completing the program, placement rates among completers, and median debt incurred by completers. This page is intended to provide all the disclosure information for each program.

At UCCS, all approved gainful employment certificates share a plan code of NDGE-CERN.

College Date Description* Subplan Proposal Form CIP Online? State Approval Disclosure
NURS 11/7/2011 Post Masters Nurse Practitioner MNP proposal 51.3801 Y Y 2017
NURS 3/28/2014 Primary Care Family Nurse Practitioner2 FNP proposal 51.3801 Y Y 2017
NURS 3/28/2014 Primary Care Adult/Gero Nurse Practitioner2 GNP proposal 51.3801 Y Y 2017
NURS 12/19/2014 Nursing Education NED option3 51.9999 Y Y 2017
NURS 1/19/2012 Medical Laboratory Science MLS proposal 51.1005 Y 2017
NURS 7/30/2012 Forensic Nursing FRN proposal 51.3808 Y 2017
NURS 7/30/2012 Disaster Public Health DPH proposal 51.2299 Y 2017
NURS 5/11/2016 Post Masters Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner PMH proposal 51.3810 Y 2017
BUSN 11/11/2011 Marketing MKT proposal 52.1401 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Accounting ACC proposal 52.0301 Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Finance FIN proposal 52.0801 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Health Care Administration HCA proposal 52.9999 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Innovation Management INO proposal 52.0210 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 International Business INT proposal 52.1101 Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Management MGT proposal 52.0299 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Operations Management OPM proposal 52.0205 Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Project Management PRJ proposal 52.0211 Y Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Service Management SRV proposal 52.0207 Y 2017
BUSN 12/9/2011 Space Systems (deactivated 12/2014)4 SPC proposal 52.1201 Y No 2013
EDUC 12/2/2011 Teaching English as 2nd Language ESL proposal 13.1401 Y 2017
EDUC 12/2/2011 Instructional Technology EIT proposal 13.0301 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/2/2011 Nonprofit Fund Development NFD proposal 52.0210 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/2/2011 Nonprofit Management NPM proposal 52.0206 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/9/2011 Homeland Security & Emergency Management5 HMD/HSE proposal 43.0301 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/9/2011 National Security Intelligence6 SEC/NSI proposal 43.0112 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/9/2011 Public Management PBM proposal 44.0401 Y Y 2017
PAFF 12/9/2011 Criminal Justice CRJ proposal 43.0103 Y Y 2017
PAFF 4/22/2015 Local Government Management LGM proposal 44.0401 Y 2017
PAFF 4/22/2015 Grant Writing & Program Evaluation GWP proposal 45.0102 Y Y 2017
CLAS 8/28/2012 Teaching Sociology1
(deactivated 9/19/2016)
TSY proposal 45.9999 Y 2015
CLAS 8/28/2012 Advanced Research Methods in Sociology1
(deactivated 9/19/2016)
ARM proposal 45.9999 Y 2015

1 NDGE -CERN plan when it stands alone; otherwise, it isoffered as a track within the Sociology MA. The stand-alone gainful employment certificates in Sociology were both deactivated as of the end of Summer 2016.

2 In March of 2014, the Post Master's Nurse Practitioner program was differentiated and renamed as either Family or Adult/Gero Primary Care Nurse Practitioner according to nursing standards.

3 In December 2014, the Nursing Education program requires fewer credit hours.

4 The College of Business no longer offers the certificate in Space Systems, notification as of December 2014.

5 Name changed from Homeland Defense (HMD) to Homeland Security and Emergency Management (HSE) in Fall 2016.

6 Name changed from Security Intelligence (SEC) to National Security Intelligence (NSI) in Fall 2016.