Institutional Research

Outcome Measures


Degree Conferrals:

Conferrals by Fiscal Year, College, and Academic Plan since 1990

Graduation Rates:

Graduation Rates per Academic Plan
IPEDS Graduation Rate Surveys (as submitted)
          Graduation Rate Summary
          UCCS Athletics/NCAA Graduation Rate

Retention Rates:

IPEDS Retention: Fall Enrollment Surveys (see Part E). Retention is tracked per cohort. What is a cohort?
Retention Rate Chart Since 1993
Retention Tables per Cohort:
     2010 to 2011
     2011 to 2012
     2012 to 2013
     2013 to 2014
     2014 to 2015 and Narrative Retention Report  and Sankey Diagram of Retention Behavior
     2015 to 2016
     2016 to 2017  with correlations (new)

More Outcomes:

          Student Achievement Measure
          Clearinghouse Completions Reports: 2015 | 2016 | 2017
          Student Destinations after Graduation: see Alumni Survey
          Licensure exams: Accounting, Nursing, Teaching, and Engineering Exams
          Course grade distributions: Fall 2010 through Fall 2017
          Civic engagement: Student Voting Rates 2012 & 2014 | 2016