Outcome Measures

Degree Conferrals:

Post-Graduation Employment Outcomes:

          See the new Longitudinal Household-Employer Dynamics program at the US Census Bureau for Colorado:
          Read their explanation and important methodology at https://lehd.ces.census.gov/data/pseo_beta.html
          Use their visualization at https://lehd.ces.census.gov/data/pseo_beta_viz.html

Graduation Rates:

          Six-Year Graduation Rates Chart:

Retention Rates:

          IPEDS Retention: Fall Enrollment Surveys (see Part E)
          Retention Rate Chart Since 1993:


                    Retention Rate Chart

          Retention Tables per Cohort:
               2010 to 2011
               2011 to 2012
               2012 to 2013
               2013 to 2014
               2014 to 2015 and Narrative Retention Report
               2015 to 2016
               2016 to 2017 with correlations
               2017 to 2018 includes correlations & stepwise regression results

More Outcomes: