Estimated Costs, Income, and Tuition Calculators:

          Estimated Costs per Student by Level and Program:
               Fall 2018 (new)
               Fall 2017
          Estimated Income Quintiles: 
               Fall 2017 Report
               Fall 2016 Report
               Chart (2016-)

               Income Quintile Chart
          Tuition Calculators:
               Net Price Calculators per Year
               UCCS Tuition & Fee Calculator           

Financial Aid Distribution Reports:

          Type of Aid Chart
          Fall 2017 Students in Aid Year 2017-2018 (new)
          Fall 2016 Students in Aid Year 2016-2017
          Fall 2015 Students in Aid Year 2015-2016
          Fall 2014 Students in Aid Year 2014-2015
          Fall 2013 Students in Aid Year 2013-2014
          Fall 2012 Students in Aid Year 2012-2013
          Fall 2011 Undergrads in Aid Year 2011-2012
          Fall 2010 Students in Aid Year 2010-2011
          Always refer to the UCCS Office of Financial Aid for further information.
Student Loan Cohort Default Rates measure the percent of borrows who defaulted on their student federal loans within three years of leaving the institution.
The CDRs for each institution are searchable online (use OPE-ID 004509 for UCCS).

          2013-2015 (3yr) published in 2018
          2012-2014 (3yr) (published in 2017)
          2011-2013 (3yr)
          2010-2012 (3yr)
          2009-2011 (3 yr)
          2009-2010 (3 yr)
          2009-2011 (2 yr)  
          2008-2010 (2 yr)
          2007-2009 (2 yr)

         Cohort Default Rate chart

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS):

          Financial Aid Surveys
          IPEDS Data Center (publicly available data for all funded institutions)