Reporting Requirements and Documentation

Reporting Requirements

These are the reporting requirements while on OPT for ALL students (these include both the Homeland Security requirements and those needed by your international student adviser). Please report directly to your international student adviser from your UCCS email address within 10 days of any change. Report all items each time you have any change to report:

1. Your legal name and current address (not a PO Box)
2. Degree major your OPT is based on (level, and major)
3. EAD Card start and end dates
4. How the employment reported is directly related to your degree in detail (this wording will be entered into SEVIS as you write it)
5. Employer/Company/Business name
6. Employer’s EIN
7. Job Title
8. Start and end (if known) dates of employment
9. Hours per week
10. Employer/Company/Business address (where you actually work)
11. Employer/Company/Business address (if your hiring/supervisor is located elsewhere)
12. Supervisor’s name and contact information (phone number and email address)

Also, whenever you leave a previous job, you need to report that with the exact last date of employment.

You must also send your international adviser the following:

  • A copy of your OPT application receipt, approval, and EAD card front and back, and mailer (the sheet the card is attached to, with bar code)
  • A copy of your employment letter (see ‘Documenting your Employment’ below)

You must also respond to any request for current information from your adviser, and check your UCCS email account daily for such requests.

Using the new SEVP Portal

OPT students are able to update their employment information, and address information, online at the new SEVP Portal. However, reporting to your international student advisor is still required. Find SEVP Portal information and instructions.

Documenting your employment

  • For your protection, we require that you keep documentation of all your employment. In the future, you may be asked to provide proof that your employment during OPT was in your field of study, and that you were working full-time, the location of your employment, or other information.
  • Specifically, you must maintain evidence — for each job — of the position held, proof of the duration of that position, the job title, contact information for your supervisor or manager, and description of the work.
  • You must obtain a signed letter on letterhead from the employer's hiring official, supervisor, or manager stating how your degree is related to the work you performed, your title, your duties, and your working hours. Keep this in your personal records, and also send a copy to your international student advisor. It also needs to include your supervisor’s email address and telephone number. If you travel, carry this letter with you (and your EAD card).
  • Make sure that your I-20 is kept accurate – when you report employment, make sure that your international student advisor provides you an updated and signed copy.

STEM OPT Reporting

For information about the special requirements during STEM OPT, see the STEM OPT webpage.