2nd International Recognition

The 2nd International Student Recognition and Reception

The International Student Recognition and Reception  is a formal ceremony in honor of UCCS graduating international students and our departing exchange students.  Please note that this is not the official UCCS graduation ceremony.  The event will be followed by a reception in honor of our honorees.  The reception is open to all international students even though the International Student Recognition is for a select group of students.  

When: Friday, Dec, 02, 2016

Time: 2:30 pm Check-in, formal ceremony starts promptly at 3:00pm

Location: Roaring Fork Kettle Creek 108 

Please check back on Sign up information 

This Ceremony is in honor of the following groups: 

  • International students that are graduating with a degree from UCCS
  • International students that are completing a level with the intensive English program 
  • Exchange students that have completed their exchange program at UCCS
  • Visiting scholars that have completed their program study at UCCS 

Dress Attire

The International Graduation Celebration is a formal ceremony. It is recommended that semi-formal or business-casual attire is worn. 

Guest and Parking Information 

Guests are invited to attend the celebration and the reception that follows. Special seating will be available for guests and it is required that participants register and include the number of guests attending on their registration form. Parking permits are required for all vehicles parking on campus before 4pm on Friday and it is free to all after 4pm. The nearby parking is Alpine Garage.