J-1 Visiting Scholar Procedures

J-1 Exchange Visitor: Visiting Scholar Procedures  

The J-1 Exchange Visitor Program

In the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, foreign nationals may visit the United States temporarily to share special skills, including:

  • teaching
  • lecturing
  • studying
  • conducting research
  • consulting
  • training

Visiting Scholar Procedures at UCCS

The International Affairs Office at UCCS administers the J-1 Exchange Visitor program for UCCS. Any visiting international scholar for whom the university undertakes visa sponsorship must have some sort of University of Colorado Colorado Springs sponsorship. This does not mean that the visitor must be on the payroll of the university; periodically, we have visiting visitors such as Fulbright scholars who come to UCCS on funding from other sources.  

Please see the DS-2019 Request Packet for an overview of the J-1 Scholar program and regulations, as well as the procedures and forms required to be initiated by the department or the inviting faculty member in order to bring in an international scholar as a J-1 exchange visitor. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All request paperwork for a new J-1 visitor program must be submitted to the International Affairs Office at international@uccs.edu well in advance of the scholar's intended start date at UCCS (ideally at least 90 days prior).

Extensions for J-1 Scholars

J-1 scholars may be eligible for an extension to their period of stay, if further time is needed to reach the program objectives. Scholar activities cannot continue beyond the end date of the DS-2019 into the 30-day departure grace period. An extension can only be granted for the purpose of continuing your J-1 scholar collaboration with your UCCS sponsoring department.

Eligibility for Extension:

  • The UCCS sponsoring department and faculty mentor agree with the extension request
  • Documentation of adequate funding for the duration of time on the extension request
  • Active J-1 compliant health insurance for the scholar and any J-2 dependents
  • Scholar has not applied for and been granted a DOS waiver of the 2-year rule
  • Scholar has not already reached the maximum program duration for their J-1 category (see below)
  • Scholars whose documents were issued by a non-UCCS program sponsor are only eligible for extension with their program sponsor

International Affairs has the discretion to extend a J-1 scholar's program up to the limits imposed by the J-1 regulations. These limits are specific to the J category the scholar is in:

  • Research Scholars and Professors may extend up to 5 years from the start date on their DS-2019
  • Short Term Scholars may extend up to 6 months from the start date on their DS-2019

Applying for an Extension

The J-1 scholar should submit the following items, in the 30-90 days prior to the ending date on the DS-2019, to the international student/scholar adviser in International Affairs:

  • Memo from UCCS department requesting the extension with exact dates, with reasons for the needed additional time
  • Immigration documents for the J-1 research scholar and any J-2 dependents
  • Proof of funds sufficient for the entire period of extension
  • Proof of J-1 compliant health insurance for the J-1 and all J-2 dependents

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