Am I a transfer student?

Am I a freshman or transfer applicant?
Freshman or transfer status has a strict definition which is based upon the facts of your educational background.

What is a freshman?·  

You have never studied or enrolled in any college / university or postsecondary studies after completing secondary school.·  You are a freshman even if you have "advanced standing" for which you may receive university credits. This includes A Levels, International Baccalaureate (IB) and Advanced Placement (AP).

What is a transfer?  

You have completed secondary school and you subsequently enrolled or studied one or more subjects in a college or university.


You have earned grades for 13 credit hours or more of transferable coursework.

    • coursework that is technical, remedial, vocational, or completed with a grade below C- is not considered transferrable. 

Though International applicants who are pursuing an undergraduate degree need to fill out the same International Student Application, the admissions process of a international transfer student can be very different.