Approximately 11,200 students attend the campus; of which over 300 are international students from more than 40 countries.


Approximately 1,000 undergraduate students live on campus in 13 residence halls.


Yes. The campus offers housing for students but it is limited. There are residence halls for freshman students (direct from secondary studies) and limited space for upper-classman students. Students must complete a housing application and pay the required application fee to live on-campus.

Many students live outside of the UCCS campus. Unfortunately, at this time there is no housing available for international students enrolled in the intensive English Language Program. However, International Affairs will work closely with all international students to ensure that housing can be secured in neighboring apartment complexes. The office does not endorse any apartment but is committed to helping new international students at all degree and program levels to find housing.


The move day varies but will be the weekend before classes begin at the latest.


Yes, we have over 200 student clubs and organizations, including the International Club. There are cultural clubs, sports clubs, activity clubs, and academic –based clubs.


There are two dining facilities on campus as well as several cafes for refreshments and light meals and one restaurant. A meal plan is required and included in the room/board package price for all students living in first-year (freshman) designated housing areas. Students living off campus or in the upper-classman residence facilities can purchase an optional meal plan to enjoy the convenience of eating on campus.


If you are living on campus a car is not necessary. There is public transportation via a public bus with routes throughout the city. Student planning to use public transportation will need to plan accordingly as travel may take longer than driving. Many international students that are coming here to study for a degree decide to purchase a car as it can make daily living and transportation to and from campus easier. However, purchasing a car should not be done lightly as a driver’s license, insurance and vehicle maintenance can be costly.

Please note that a parking permit is required to park on campus. There is a free parking lot located on the northern part of campus which is adjacent to a new shopping complex called University Village Colorado with many restaurants, a Starbucks, and grocery store. The shuttle to this parking lot and shopping complex departs central campus every 15 minutes and runs until the early evening during the academic year.