International Online Orientation

Q 1. What is the International Online Orientation? 

The international online orientation is a 45 minutes online course that provide new international students with information on next steps, VISA processes, course registration procedures, and pre-arrival information. 

Q 2. What is the purpose of the International Online Orientation? 

By completing the online orientation, newly accepted international students will:

a.        Understand the next steps to enroll at UCCS

b.       Understand the VISA procedures and tips

c.        Obtain information on how to register for classes

d.       Receive information about pre-arrival support resources

e.        Fulfill orientation requirements in order to register for classes

Q 3. Are International Online Orientation Required?

Yes, it is required for all international students who are on F-1 or J-1 VISAs. Other temporary VISA holders are also benefit from completing the course. International students have to complete the course in order to register for classes on time.

Q 4. How do I complete the Online Orientation?

Please check out the detailed instruction based on the level of your study:

-          Undergraduate Degree Seeking Students please click here.

-          Graduate Degree Seeking and ALL non-degree seeking exchange students and scholars click here.  

Q 5. Do I still need to complete the in person orientation at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs?

No, it is not required. The only two sessions that are required for international students to complete are:

a.        International online orientation

b.       International Welcome and Check-in Week  

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