International Affairs and Partner Events

International Affairs organizes and assists with events during the year for all interested international students.

Events Schedule

International Clubs and Programming


IBuddies is a student organization that works in partnership with International Affairs. IBuddies organizes outings, on-campus get-togethers, and other kinds of fun events to bring international and American students together in social situations. The IBuddies events will be publicized and coordinated through International Affairs.

African Student Association (ASA)

To bring together different cultures in Africa and set up a support system here at UCCS for international African students here in the US. Also, to provide moral and educational support and to create an entertaining and friendly environment. To bring awareness to the rich and diverse cultures in Africa within the UCCS community.

Asian Pacific Islander Student Union of UCCS (UCCS APISU)

The Asian Pacific Islander Student Union (APISU) is a club at the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. We are about building a stronger and inclusive community at UCCS and the surrounding communities. We stay active and engaged in our campus and are allies to all of the multi-cultural clubs.

German Club (German Club)

To create and foster a fun and helpful environment for students to practice and use German in a social setting as well as offering many events to both club members and non-members to learn about and experience German culture.

Hawai'i Club (HIC)

Many Hawai'i graduates take their first steps in life by moving out of state. By moving out of state, we distance ourselves from the ones we love and get a bit homesick. With welcoming arms, we will come together to enjoy fellowship and memories as we go through the beginning stages of life. Hiki No.

Indian Student Alliance

Purpose of this club is to introduce students of UCCS to Indian culture and traditions.

International Buddy Program (iBuddy Program)

We are a student run iBuddy mentorship club. This is an organization that pairs international exchange students with current UCCS students. Our focus is to create a sustainable student run multicultural program.

International Students Organization (ISO)

International Students Organization (ISO) celebrates the ethnic diversity at UCCS. The club focuses on involving ethnically diverse students in school activities. ISO is a place to meet up with different types of people and build new friendships. The club is open to all students who wish to participate.

Japanese Anime Club (JAC)

Club in which anime is watched, enjoyment is had, merriment is required. Examples of things we've watched (we may watch again): Count of Monte, Cristo Kamen no Maid Guy Outlaw Star Tenchi Muyo, Macademi Wasshoi, Blue Exorcist, Toradora! School Days! My Bride is a Mermaid AMV Hell.

Japanese Language Club (JLC)

We're a Japanese language club focused on supplementing what is being taught in the classroom and assisting student's independent studies. We accept students of all levels, though some experience is preferred.

Latino Student Union (LSU)

The Latino Student Union is established for the expressed purpose of creating awareness of the Latino culture and promoting unity in the UCCS Latino Community by being a political voice for the Latino student population through student involvement within social, academic, and political activities.

Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness and Community (M.O.S.A.I.C)

The Multicultural Office for Student Access, Inclusiveness, and Community (MOSAIC) works to engage University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) community members in programs and initiatives which seek to develop cultural competency and foster an inclusiveness campus environment where all can engage in and grow from the diversity that surrounds them at UCCS. MOSAIC provides individual student support, support for student clubs/organizations, LGBT Resource Center, social programming for international students, and workshops/events that focus on topics of diversity and inclusion.

Native American Student Union (NASU)

The Native American Student Association is a club at UCCS. It is a place for those who recognize themselves as Native American and those who are interested in the culture, to meet, and join in activities and discussions.

Nippon Club (Nippon Club)

Formerly known as the Japanese Language Appreciation Club (JLAC). Nippon Club's mission is to foster learning of the Japanese culture and language through unique creative experiences, including role playing and hands on activities. We believe that students of all aptitudes can come together to nurture each other’s learning, and that there is always something to be gained by having fun.

Saudi Students Club (SSC)

It's a cultural club that provide knowledge of Saudi Arabia culture. Also, it build a connection among Saudi students at UCCS.