Upcoming Program Dates

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All of the classes in the Intensive English Program run for 8 weeks, year round. The program is designed to have students in a full schedule of coursework for five 8-week sessions, consecutively. If a student is admitted but unable to begin their requested session, they can request a deferral of their admission to a later session. An updated I-20 (immigration document) must be issued in the case of deferral.

Please note the upcoming sessions listed below:



IEP Session


Session Dates

(orientation dates are REQUIRED for all NEW incoming students)

Fall 1 2018

Required orientation: August 15
Classes begin: August 20

Classes end: October 16

Fall 2 2018 

Required orientation: October 15
Classes begin: October 17
Classes end: December 13


Spring 1 2019

Required orientation: January 18
Classes begin: January 22

Classes end: March 18

Spring 2 2019

Required Orientation: March 18
Classes begin: March 19
Classes end: May 16

Summer 2019


Required Orientation: June 7
Classes begin: June 10

Classes end: August 1

 Fall 1 2019


Required Orientation: August 21
Classes begin: August 26

Classes end: October 22