Global Engagement Office

Course Offerings

The English Language Program offers classes from high beginning through advanced levels in 8-week sessions. There are 5 starting times per year. Students attend 2 classes each session for 18+ classroom hours of instruction per week. Classes run Monday - Friday and meet between 8 am and 5 pm depending on individual schedules. Cultural events, tutoring, conversation club, and workshops are also scheduled on Fridays. When students arrive, they are tested and placed into classes which most closely match their English proficiency. Students are tested again at the end of each semester. Average students advance to the next level after 2 sessions in one level.

Full-Time Students

  • Take 18 hours of instruction a week. This includes a Core Class and a Satellite Course.
  • Citizens, permanent residents, and F1, J1 visa holders fall into this category.

Part-Time Students

  • Can take between 8 and 17 hours of instruction a week in the appropriate level.
  • Choose to take a core courses or a satellite courses.
  • Citizens, permanent residents, and F2, J2 visa holders fall into this category.

The Core Courses

  • The heart of each language level.
  • Focuses on developing language skills through integration of grammar, reading and writing. Teachers incorporate a variety of activities that build both language skills and help students prepare for the academic demands of university study.
  • Meets 2.5 hours a day for 4 days per week (10 hours total per week)

Satellite Courses

  • Complement core courses and further develop specific elements of language and/or students' levels of content knowledge to ease the transition into academic classes.
  • Meets 2 hours a day for 4 days per week (8 hours total per week).
  • Example Satellite classes:
    • Academic Writing - students develop and refine skills needed for clear communication in university level writing assignments.  This includes paragraph and essay development, summary writing, and the basics of the research paper. 
    • Listening and Speaking - students improve their oral communication skills for various social and academic settings. Students develop skills in conversation, note taking, listening comprehension, and oral presentations.
    • Intensive Grammar - students improve their accuracy and fluency in writing and speaking by learning and practicing grammatical forms through communicative activities.
    • Testing Skills - students learn and practice skills and language that prepare them for success with exams such as the TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE.
    • American Culture - students expand their knowledge of the U.S. through reading, writing, and discussion of topics related to the influences that shape American culture and lifestyles.

Activities & Events

    • Students in the IEP have many additional opportunities to practice and develop their English fluency and confidence through activities outside of class.  Each session, the GEO along with the MOSAIC office organizes outings, workshops, tutoring services, conversation club and special celebrations.  IEP students have access to all UCCS student activities including sports and arts events, recreational facilities, Colorado outdoor experiences through the Rec Center, and more than 200 student organizations.