Admitted IEP Students: Next Steps




Congratulations on your acceptance to the Intensive English Program (IEP) at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs! There are a few more things you will need to do before starting your studies here at UCCS. Just follow these steps and we will see you soon on our beautiful campus! 

Step 1: Get your Acceptance Package and I-20

After you are admitted to the Intensive English Program, you will receive another email about your I-20. This applies to IEP students who will study on a student visa. The I-20 is normally shipped to your home country so we will instruct you how to create and pay for a shipping label. This will allow us to mail it safely and for you to receive it quickly. It can also be mailed to someone in the U.S. who can then carry it or send it to you. This option requires your written approval.

Step 2: Apply for a U.S. F-1 VISA 

At the time you receive the I-20 you will be registered with SEVIS, the U.S. government student tracking system. Your I-20 has the SEVIS number assigned to you, and you will need to pay the SEVIS fee for that number. Pay the fee online. Information on how to obtain a student visa can be also found online as well. After you pay the SEVP/SEVIS I-901 fee, make an appointment as soon as possible with the U.S. consulate in your country. Make sure you take all the required documents. When approved, you will receive a visa stamped in your passport so you can travel to the United States. Additional information on the SEVIS fee payment and visa application process are available on the Study in the States website.

Useful Links:

Step 3: Notify Us about Your Attendance

Email your decision to attend UCCS to It is important to let us know if your plans change, as this could impact your ability to come at a later date. If you decide to defer to a later session, please let us know with an email. When you travel to the U.S., make sure to bring your passport, I-20, and any other important papers. If you plan to apply for a degree program in the United States, it is helpful to bring your official transcripts (unopened) from your high school and any universities you have attended. It will save you time later.

Step 4: Claim Your UCCS Account (Email and Student Information System)

Once you are admitted to UCCS, you will receive an email from the UCCS Information Technology office to claim your UCCS Account (Email and Student Account). Simply log in here and you will be able to access and begin using your UCCS Portal. Note that using your UCCS email and portal is REQUIRED for all IEP students.

Step 5: Plan Your Finances

When you arrive at UCCS, you will need to be ready to pay for your housing arrangements and your classes (after you register). Be sure that you are prepared for these major expenses. Our staff will guide you in paying your course tuition bill and in making payments to the university.

Step 6: Apply for Housing

On-campus Housing:

On-campus housing is popular and space is limited. Please apply early. On-campus housing goes to degree-seeking students first so be aware that you may not get notification of a place until near your departure time. Be aware that on-campus housing has strict contracts for fixed period of time, and require purchase of a dining plan. Cancelling these contracts is difficult. Before you sign (online or in-person) any housing contract, be sure you understand all the conditions.

Off-Campus Housing:

Please note that these off-campus options are not affiliated with the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. However, if you would like to live off-campus, please use these additional resources for off-campus housing:

Some popular online sources for finding off-campus housing:

** IMPORTANT NOTES - Please be careful about committing to a place without meeting the landlord and/or seeing the housing with your own eyes. Be aware that when you sign a lease you are signing a binding legal contract, with penalties if you break it.

If you need a short-term solution while searching for housing, see our list of hotel and motel options near the UCCS campus.

Step 7: Plan Your Arrival at UCCS

Please plan to arrive to Colorado Springs well before your orientation date. A complete calendar for the academic year is located here.

Step 8: Getting to Colorado Springs and UCCS

From Colorado Springs Airport:

Colorado Springs has a regional airport located approximately 24 kilometers away from the UCCS campus. If you will be flying to Colorado, we recommend that you fly directly into Colorado Springs. Many students make a connection in Denver. There are always taxis at the Colorado Springs airport entrance. If you will be flying to Colorado, we recommend that you fly directly into Colorado Springs. For your general information, the Yellow Cab Company operates a taxi service from the airport. It costs about $35 one way (not including tip) to our campus. The phone number for the Yellow Cab Company is (719) 777-7777. Uber and Lyft are also in operation from the Colorado Springs airport.

From Denver International Airport:

If you will be arriving in Denver and cannot take a flight to Colorado Springs, you may take a shuttle for the approximately 110-kilometer ride from Denver to Colorado Springs, or a ride-sharing service such as Lyft or Uber. The nearest shuttle drop-off is the Academy Hotel on North Academy. It is 8.7 kilometers away from UCCS campus. You will need to take a taxi to UCCS campus. This can be difficult if you have a lot of luggage, so we strongly encourage you to fly into Colorado Springs. The phone number for the Yellow Cab Company is (719) 777-7777.

Bus from the City of Denver:

The bus ride from the city of Denver to Colorado Springs takes approximately two hours and the cost is $17.00 one way. The schedule can be found here. You can also check out the BusTang. Please note that BusTang service is only operated from Monday to Friday. It is not recommended that you use this option for arrivals in the evening.

Step 9: Attend Orientation

Orientation is mandatory (required) for all new IEP students. It takes place a few days before classes start. During orientation you will learn about the campus, Colorado, and the IEP program, get your student ID, meet other new students, and prepare to start classes. Information about orientation will be emailed to you. Review the information carefully and plan to arrive early so that you may participate fully in the orientation.

Step 10: Register for Classes

During orientation, all new IEP students take an English language test and then register for classes. We will discuss your course options with you and help you get your books and student ID. Be aware that you will need to be prepared to fully pay for your first session of IEP classes upon your registration.

Step 11: Review Other Resources

Student Support and Academic Resources or Education USA Pre-Departure

If you have further questions, please email us at We are planning for your arrival, so please do keep us informed about your progress with these steps. International Affairs staff will do our best to provide you with a reply as quickly as possible, and assist you with all your questions.