Intercampus Interdisciplinary Studies (online only)

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The University of Colorado’s Intercampus Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is designed to offer maximum flexibility for students whose interests and professional aspirations span many disciplines. While requiring a high level of self-direction on the part of students, this program also offers students active guidance by faculty and academic advisors.

Key features of this program include:

  1. Students design majors around interdisciplinary topics of professional and personal interest
  2. Students, guided by advisors, take initiative in directing their own education not just through the choice of interdisciplinary topics but also through required experiential learning opportunities.
  3. Students learn how to analyze and apply knowledge gained from multiple disciplines.
  4. Students choose from among a large set of courses offered across the Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Denver campuses.
  5. Degree focuses on fostering graduates who are able to write, problem solve, and communicate verbally
  6. Students have the option to complete the full degree in three years