Individually Structured Interdisciplinary Studies (campus-based)

An interdisciplinary degree could address a need that cannot be met by existing structures or provide an opportunity for students to pursue compelling interdisciplinary directions in their own research and teaching. The first INDS degree in Cognitive Archaeology (degree plan) will launch in Spring 2019 and several more opportunities have been identified for further consideration.

UCCS Students

Students can develop and submit an Interdisciplinary Studies plan for approval. The plan must include all of the elements listed below:

  1. Present a clear and persuasive case for the interdisciplinary nature of the problem or question.
  2. Draw from at least two departments in LAS or from at least one department in LAS and one department in another college.
  3. Incorporate at least 36 credits, 27 of which must be from courses at the 3000-level or higher.
  4. Require a creative project, community outreach, social action project, internship, or education abroad or nationally.
  5. Require a summit experience that demonstrates the fusion and integration of these fields studied.

Before embarking on such a program of study, a student must negotiate an Individually Structured Interdisciplinary Plan with a faculty member. Please contact the Program Director, Janice Thorpe ( for further information on requirements and timeline to submit a proposal.