Hybl Center Academics

Hybl Center Academics

Transformative educational opportunities

The Hybl Center represents the most profound opportunity for transformative, cross-disciplinary, interprofessional education and research for UCCS in the near term and will affect the campus and its academics for decades to come.

For students, the center will offer a transformative education with opportunities to make a difference in the field of health and human performance. Opportunity stems from co-located programs, providing stimuli for interactivity between students, clinicians and faculty members. 

By 2021, the Exercise Science degree program is expected to attract more than 1,000 new students. The Hybl Center will house these students and foster their education in fields that will continue to help shape Colorado. 


A Pillar of Academics

Programs to be Housed Within the Hybl Center
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  • MSc. Biology: Exercise Science Degree Program

    The mission of the Master of Science Strength & Conditioning program is to enhance the education of highly qualified strength and conditioning professionals through an interprofessional curriculum integrated with opportunities to excel in research, advanced professional skills, and leadership development; ultimately translating experiences into their respective professions and future employment opportunities.

    A first-of-its-kind opportunity exists for these students at the Hybl Center, where they will be able to work hands-on with students as they work on their practical skills. 

  • Explore the options within our Exercise Science program


    The degree will blend education in basic and applied science for students seeking careers in sport science and medicine and highlights university relationships with local sport organizations and health care providers.

    • Strength and conditioning option: A specialized option recognized by the National Strength and Conditioning Association for those seeking be become a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).
    • Athletic training preparation option: For those students seeking to be become board certified Athletic Trainers, this degree option provides an accelerated pathway to the Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) through the concurrent BS/MS degree program.

    This a hands-on program, with new opportunities offered and supported by the clinical experiences within the Hybl Center. 

  • MSAT: Athletic Training Program

    Do you get excited about learning more about the human body? Do you love sports? Then athletic training may be the career for you. Athletic training involves emergency management, patient caregiving, medicine and sports all wrapped into one profession. If you think athletic training is the career for you, then UCCS may be the right place for you.

    Explore this exciting graduate degree path which will benefit from incredible opportunities at the Hybl Center.

  • MSc. Sports Nutrition Program

    The goal of the Master of Sciences in Sport Nutrition degree is to graduate students with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in sport nutrition careers while integrating sustainability and a whole food approach in their practices.  

    Our program is unique with this approach to Sport Nutrition. Students have numerous opportunities for hands-on experiences within our university, community and the Hybl Center to raise their food literacy awareness and integrate their knowledge and skills within sport nutrition. 

  • MSc of Applied Physiology

    This program will follow the MSc in Biology model, with the addition of a required, stand-alone graduate research design and statistics course.

    The degree is primarily designed for students who intend to pursue further education at the doctoral level. Students apply to work with a specific faculty mentor. The open curriculum allows faculty mentors to tailor the student’s program of study to meet individual goals and research agendas.

    The program of study may include courses in other departments to enhance specialized knowledge, research practicum experiences off-campus to broaden skill sets, and independent studies to develop self-sufficiency.

  • Explore an undergraduate education in Health Care Science

    The mission of our program is to provide students with a comprehensive, rigorous core of knowledge and professional skills to prepare them for future success in supervised practice leading to eligibility to become a registered dietitian nutritionist.

    Opportunities through teaching and hands-on experiences will provide students with a comprehensive, rigorous core of knowledge and professional skills to prepare them for future success in supervised practice leading to eligibility for the CDR credentialing exam.

  • Explore an undergraduate or graduate degree in this field

    Featuring a foundational, science-based curriculum, the Human Physiology and Nutrition Department prepares students for a wide variety of health-related careers.

    Graduates find employment or go on to pursue professional training in fields such as physiology, nutrition, exercise science, athletic training, physical therapy, and medicine.

  • DPT: Doctor of Physical Therapy Program

    Although UCCS does not presently offer this degree program, it is our goal to offer a Doctor of Physical Therapy program within the Department of Health Sciences with the opening of the Hybl Center.

    Unique opportunities within the Hybl Center will create a one-of-a-kind experiential learning environment in which students will interact with other practitioners and researchers.