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William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center

A Revolution in Health and Human Performance

Redefining. Re-imagining.

The story behind the Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center is one of commitment to first responders, to community, to youth, and to athletes of all levels and active individuals with disabilities. It is a story with a vision to create a world-class destination for all.

This state-of-the-art facility is designed to promote a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach driven by teamwork and a passion for translating research into real-world solutions. When constructed, it will promote the concept of "Exercise as Medicine" by using protocols developed with athletes and translating them to testing and exercise prescriptions for patients with diseases ranging from diabetes to cancer.

Bold. Innovative. Futuristic.

This massive project is driven forward by a partnership between UCCS and Centura Health. The collaboration brings together a unique and unparalleled combination of clinical practice, undergraduate and graduate education, combined with clinical, faculty and student research. The benefits will be numerous, including dedicated space specifically designed to foster collaboration in the first-of-its-kind facility.

Three distinguished centers of distinction will also be housed within the Hybl Center, including the Center for Tactical and Occupational Performance, the Center for Active Individuals with Physical Disabilities and the Center for Human Health & Performance in Extreme Environments. These centers will be the pinnacle of collaboration between UCCS and Centura, combining existing knowledge and research with real-world application.

In June 2020, this story will come to life and the mission of making impossible achievements possible will begin.

Centers of Distinction

The Pillar of Collaboration
Discover these innovative centers.
  • The Center for Tactical and Occupational Performance

    This center will provide a range of programs targeted at individuals with job requirements that are typically unpredictable, require a high-level of physical fitness, are prone to injury and do not change appreciably through the professional lifespan from hiring-to-retiring.  Based on the intense, unchanging physical demands of these occupations, we consider individuals engaged in these professions to be elite tactical and occupational athletes. These professions include military, police, fire, rescue and other first responders.  Just like the traditional professional athlete, essential job tasks within these groups require the use of physical force, speed, endurance and agility to perform those duties in a safe, effective and efficient manner.

  • The Center for Athletes and Active Individuals with Physical Disabilities

    This center will endeavor to maximize personal performance despite the extraordinary physiological and medical challenges associated with physical disabilities; including elite wounded warriors and para-athletes and other athletes and individuals with physical challenges who endeavor to participate in sports competitions or maintain an active lifestyle.

Hybl Center Academics
Advancing UCCS Academics
From Athletic Training to Biology, Exercise Science and more, the Hybl Center provides an outlet to advance many desirable UCCS programs that will advance our region's medical capabilities. All levels of UCCS offered degrees will be housed in this center, including Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral degrees.
Partnering With Centura Health
The region’s largest health care network, now partnered with one of the region’s fastest growing universities.
UCCS partnered with Centura Health, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health of its communities, to fuel the success of our new William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center. With 17 hospitals, home care, hospice care, two senior living communities, medical clinics, Flight for Life® Colorado and 100+ physician practices across Colorado and Kansas, Centura Health is a natural partner in the Hybl Center project.

Centura Health’s expertise in the field of health and medicine will provide UCCS students the competitive edge in new experiential learning opportunities. In addition, patients will enjoy their unmatched expertise in sports medicine and orthopedics, now available exclusively at the Hybl Center, where experts will elevate the sports performance of all athletes, from weekend warriors to elite competitors, with world-class care in addition to providing patients with a care experience unlike anything else available in the United States.

UCCS, an integral part of the City for Champions plan for Colorado Springs.

This logo depicts laurels and the words "City for Champions, Colorado Springs"

Starting in 2013, the City of Colorado Springs embarked upon a journey to fully establish a City of Champions, which is an initiative to highlight four unique and extraordinary venues that will strengthen and diversify the economic impact of regional and state visitor attractions. The William J. Hybl Sports Medicine and Performance Center is one of those four venues, along with the United States Olympic Museum, the Colorado Sports and Event Center and the USAFA Gateway Visitor Center.





Anticipated Impact by the Numbers


300+ individuals served per day

Exciting new Model
Our new integrated and holistic care model is expected to positively impact up to 400 individuals per day in the first year alone.
UCCS Graduation

A boon to UCCS students, Colorado

With an anticipated 1,000 new students enrolled due to these new opportunities, UCCS is training the next generation of medical professionals.
Military, First Responders Served

An Opportunity for Service

Up to 300 military personnel and first responders are expected to benefit from specialized training and injury recovery programs annually.

Anticipated Services Provided

  1. Orthopedic Sport Medicine
  2. Sports Medicine Primary Care
  3. Physical and Occupational Therapy
  4. Athletic Training
  5. Imaging Services
  6. Performance Testing & Assessment
  7. Medically-based fitness
  8. Much more to come

Meet our Co-Executive Directors

Steve Johnson
Co-Executive Director, Hybl Center
"The new facility will serve up to 1,400 students per day and includes office space for 45 faculty. It will also provide a unique academic environment, with education and research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students that integrates academic instruction and clinical practice."
Bill Lueck is the Executive Director of Centura Sports Medicine and was named the Co-Executive Director of the Hybl Center. The move marked an unparalleled level of collaboration between the public and private sectors.
Bill Lueck
Co-Executive Director, Hybl Center
"(We) are already studying things like improving lung function while living at altitude, precise exercise prescriptions and how to fight chronic diseases. Together, we will translate our work into every day gains for anyone who wishes to live an active lifestyle and build a stronger community."
Bill Lueck is the Executive Director of Centura Sports Medicine and was named the Co-Executive Director of the Hybl Center. The move marked an unparalleled level of collaboration between the public and private sectors.