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Humanities offers a look at the world and at things that happen in the world through so many more perspectives than most of us would have on our own. It features scholarship, but it also features the arts. It literally opens your mind.

-Dr. Rob Sackett, Department of History

The question, "who are we as human beings?" is perhaps the most important one that we can ask. The Humanities, like no other academic discipline, attempts to answer this question in the broadest, most comprehensive way imaginable.

-Dr. Jeff Scholes, Department of Philosophy

​I study Humanities to figure out the best and deepest questions to ask, knowing that searching for the answers will be a lifelong pursuit. The Humanities also cultivate doubt, uncertainty, skepticism, and the desire to research further and more deeply, all the more important in an age of fake news and the constant reiteration of false claims.

-Dr. Paul Harvey, Department of History

In addition, all HUM 3990 courses are Compass Curriculum approved for Navigate and Writing Intensive components.


Almost anything! A quick Google search turns up over seventeen million results - we've sampled a few for you below. 

So there are a lot of options for Humanities and Liberal Arts majors. Here's a quote from LD Burnett's recent article in The Chronicle about the deeper benefits of studying Humanities, even as part of a different major:

"The value of the humanities as the heart of a university education does not lie primarily in 'transferable skills' nor in the 'critical thinking' that employers presumably want. Instead, a core education in the humanities gives students the intellectual space to grapple with questions of enduring importance. The value of knowing how humankind has tackled those questions and taking part in that endeavor can never be measured in dollars and cents alone."

Currently, UCCS does not offer a specific Humanities degree (we're working on it!) We do offer a Distributed Studies major, which can combine Humanities courses with others for a student-chosen, student-directed focus. Please see the UCCS catalog for more information.

Please contact Dr. Dorothea Olkowski, the Humanities department chair, at dolkowsk@uccs.edu.

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