Development of a Power Combined V-Band Millimeter-Wave Power Module (MMPM)

The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is developing a power combined V-band millimeter-wave power module. This work presents an extension of the previous established MMPM technology to higher power and efficiency required for high-resolution radar and high data rate communications. Two different power levels of MMPM is planned in the V-band frequency range near 50 GHz with CW output power greater than 60 W and 100 W. The 60 W amplifier will serve as a basis for 100 W device that will require thermal and mechanical upgrade. A scalable electron gun with sufficient current density capable for the 100 W TWT has been developed. The circuit utilizes T-shaped BeOsupport rods. A number of design tools have been employed in the design effort. The TWTs will be power combined to generate greater than 150 W employing hybrid junctions. The TWTs currently under development will be more lightweight, compact, and efficient.
* Acknowledgements: This work has been supported by in part University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.