Vision and Values

The staff in the Office of Human Resources has worked together to define our direction and purpose.  We are committed to abiding by and supporting these principles and values.

Our Vision:

We envision Human Resources to be an open and trusted partner to our campus community and are committed to: 

  • Being recognized as an ‘HR Innovator’ in the programs and practices provided,
  • Fostering an environment that is committed to excellence, continuous improvement, and focused on exceptional customer service,
  • Providing professional resources that empower managers and supervisors in their decision-making responsibilities, and advising leadership with regard to HR initiatives that impact our culture and campus community,
  • Serving as a trusted resource for employees in making informed decisions regarding work and life issues,
  • Sharing information that allows people to develop their skills and knowledge related to HR policies and practices, and,
  • Supporting efforts in making UCCS an employer of choice, and providing resources for professional development and growth for current employees.

We Value:


  • Adhering to high ethical and professional behaviors
  • Honesty and sincerity in efforts
  • Complying with federal, state, and University policies
  • Advocating for fair and equitable treatment

Professional Competency/Credibility:

  • Demonstrating a complete and thorough understand of the HR profession and a commitment to its application
  • Willingness to share information in an understandable way
  • Supporting and pursuing continuous learning


  • Commitment to excellence that exceeds customer needs and expectations
  • Accepting our own decisions; taking responsibility and ownership for our actions and behaviors
  • We determine our reputation
  • Following through on our promises
  • Earning respect through active listening and appreciation of various perspectives


  • Promote a friendly and fun work environment
  • Working together toward shared goals
  • Demonstrating mutual respect and dignity with each other and those we serve